Top: Entries for Gloucestershire Track & Field Championships - Day 3

This entry list includes only those entrants who have entered using SportSoft online entry system.
It may take up to 24 hours for new entrants to appear.

41 online entries for this event
Evie Avery (Cheltenham and County Harriers): U13G_Mile
Olivia Avery (Cheltenham and County Harriers): U13G_Mile
Jason Barry (Stroud & District AC): SM_Mile
Samuel Baylis (Clc Striders): SM_Mile
Casey Boulton (Stroud & District AC): U17M_Mile
Martin Brook (Gloucester AC): SM_Mile
Ruth Brook (Gloucester AC): U15G_Mile
Theo Cinnamond (Swindon Harriers): U17M_Mile
Max Coleman (Stroud & District AC): U13B_Mile
Charlie Coles (Gloucester AC): U17M_Mile
Gemma Collier (Gloucester AC): SW_Mile
Philip Crampton (Stroud & District AC): U17M_Mile
Arthur Daley (Gloucester AC): SM_Mile
Kiya Dee (Cheltenham and County Harriers): U20W_Mile
Marcus England (Western Tempo): SM_10000m
Oliver Fisher (Stroud & District AC): U15B_Mile
Simon Fortnam (Stroud & District AC): SM_10000m
Beau Gwilliam (Gloucester AC): U13B_Mile
Lucy Hillary (Bourton Roadrunners Club): U15G_Mile
Amiel Kehn-Alafun (Gloucester AC): U15B_Mile
Helen Knight (CLC Striders): SW_10000m
Noah Lambert (Stroud & District AC): SM_10000m
Paul Lockyer (Clc Striders): SM_Mile
Zack Marshfield (Stroud & District AC): U15B_Mile
Dominic Martin (Cheltenham and County Harriers): U15B_Mile
Ben McIntyre (Swindon Harriers): SM_Mile
Izzy Merriman (Stroud & District AC): U15G_Mile
Paul Northup (CLC Striders): SM_Mile
Poppy Oliver (Forest of Dean AC): U13G_Mile
Constance Rendell (Stroud & District AC): U13G_Mile
Amber Spackman (Gloucester AC): U20W_Mile
Lottie Tomkins (Stroud & District AC): U15G_Mile
Bexley Turbard (Cheltenham and County Harriers): U17M_Mile
John Willson (Clc Striders): SM_Mile
Rich Wilsher (Dursley Running Club): SM_10000m
Danielle Wilson (Forest of Dean AC): U13G_Mile
Oliver Wilson (Cheltenham and County Harriers): U13B_Mile
Sam Wilson (Cheltenham and County Harriers): U15B_Mile
Peter Woodward (Forest of Dean AC): SM_10000m