Top: Entries for British Masters Cross Country Relay Championships Men over 65

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11 online team entries for this event.
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Beeston ACBeeston AC
5 athletes, 1 team

Mike Davey, Ken Morrell, John O'Donnell, Chris Robson, Stephen Rooney.
1 team5 athletes
Charnwood A CCharnwood A C
5 athletes, 1 team

Steven Hillman, Kevin Lomas, Stephen Mellors, Peter Mensley, James Morrison.
1 team5 athletes
Long Eaton Running ClubLong Eaton Running Club
6 athletes, 2 teams

Colin  Bostock, Lyndsey Fairbrother, Tim Gordon, Vaughn Morris, Bill Sheppard, Steve White.
2 teams6 athletes
Oxford City ACOxford City AC
7 athletes, 2 teams

John Exley, Richard Langton, David Parsons, Stewart Thorp, Roy Treadwell, Bryan Vaughan, Robert Wood.
2 teams7 athletes
Redhill Road RunnersRedhill Road Runners
3 athletes, 1 team

Clive Hayward, Michael Horn, Raymond Poynter.
1 team3 athletes
Rotherham Harriers And AcRotherham Harriers And Ac
6 athletes, 1 team

Thomas Charles, Terry Hawley, Michael Marsters, Peter Neal, Malcolm Palfreyman, Robert Tintinger.
1 team6 athletes
Sale Harriers ManchesterSale Harriers Manchester
6 athletes, 1 team

Miran  Aprahamian, John Archer, Geoffrey Beattie, Ian Hobbs, Tony  Lythe, Fechin McCormick.
1 team6 athletes
Salford Harriers & AcSalford Harriers & Ac
8 athletes, 1 team

Roland Bowness, Tommy Daniels, Terry Dermody, Stanley Owen, Phillip Quibell, Thomas Temple, Michael Wakefield, Arthur Walsham.
1 team8 athletes
Sheffield RCSheffield RC
6 athletes, 1 team

Paul Blakeney, Nicholas Duggan, Les Morton, Robert Pearson, Mike Quinn, Stephen Tanner.
1 team6 athletes
Sparkhill HarriersSparkhill Harriers
4 athletes, 1 team

Barry Crowley, Anthony Edwards, Martin Millicheap, Christopher Price.
1 team4 athletes
Westbury HarriersWestbury Harriers
5 athletes, 1 team

Jullian Bailey-Gard, Michael Clark, Nigel Gates, David George, Mike Mewse.
1 team5 athletes
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Total teams: 13
Total athletes: 61