Top: Entries for Suffolk County Cross Country Championships - Senior Women

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8 online team entries for this event.
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Felixstowe RrcFelixstowe Rrc
3 athletes, 1 team

Jenny Church, Sarah Fitch, Jo Whelan.
1 team3 athletes
Ipswich HarriersIpswich Harriers
2 athletes, 1 team

Hilary Cook, Mandy Godbold.
1 team2 athletes
Ipswich Jaffa RCIpswich Jaffa RC
1 athletes, 1 team

Adriana  Houchell.
1 team1 athletes
Saint Edmund PacersSaint Edmund Pacers
14 athletes, 1 team

Zohra Armitage, Eloise Bird, Alison Blackwell, Sharon  Brandon , Claire Brown, Hayley Coates, Sharon Frost, Jessica Gooderham, Cath Jeffery, Katie King, Dawn Marshall, Jenny Morgan, Odette Robson, Helena West.
1 team14 athletes
Stowmarket Striders RCStowmarket Striders RC
14 athletes, 1 team

Emily Cooper-Reade, Suzi Dunning, Juliet Garnham, Susan Garrod, Mary Hope, Deirdra Keating, Helen Moore, Kara Moore Damant, Emma Mortimer, Gemma Porch, Lucy Ransome, Elaine Robinson, Jacqui Seymour, Helen Wing.
1 team14 athletes
Sudbury JoggersSudbury Joggers
4 athletes, 1 team

Sally-ann  Bowen, Ruth Cowlin , Lucy Cowling, Emma Drury.
1 team4 athletes
Waveney Valley ACWaveney Valley AC
1 athletes, 1 team

Stephanie Pimlott.
1 team1 athletes
Woodbridge Shufflers RcWoodbridge Shufflers Rc
1 athletes, 1 team

Rosie Horsfield.
1 team1 athletes
64 online individual entries for this event
Individual entries will be included in their club's team.
Christine Anthony (West Suffolk Ac), 
Justine Anthony (Cambridge & Coleridge AC), 
Katie Austin (Ipswich Jaffa RC), 
Angela Barnes (Newmarket Joggers), 
Alison Beech (Ipswich Jaffa RC), 
Rachel Bodsworth (Hadleigh Hares Ac), 
Catherine Brain (Unattached), 
Charlotte Christensen (Cambridge & Coleridge AC), 
Tina Church (Saxmundham Sports Running & Fitness Club), 
Geraldine Clarke (Framlingham Flyers), 
Sophie Coleman (Ipswich Jaffa RC), 
Samantha Cooper (Hadleigh Hares AC), 
Shirley Fowler (Haverhill Running Club), 
Michelle Gardner (Haverhill Running Club), 
Georgia Garvin (Ipswich Jaffa RC), 
Elspeth Gilmour (Framlingham Flyers), 
Terri Green (Ipswich Jaffa RC), 
Emma Jayne Harwood (Framlingham Flyers), 
Julie Haselwood (Ipswich Jaffa RC), 
Elke Hausler (Newmarket Joggers), 
Brigitte Heard (Haverhill Running Club), 
Alice Heather-Hayes (Hadleigh Hares AC), 
Michelle Hewitt (Framlingham Flyers), 
Lizbeth Hicks (Lonely Goat RC), 
Fiona Holland (Hadleigh Hares AC), 
Jan Holmes (Newmarket Joggers), 
Lauren Howe (City Of Norwich AC), 
Esther Lury (Ipswich Jaffa Rc), 
Vashti MacDonald-Clink (Cambridge & Coleridge AC), 
Katie Margarson (Cambridge & Coleridge AC), 
Karen Martin (Haverhill Running Club), 
Maureen McCarthy (West Suffolk Ac), 
Emily Moyes (Aldershot Farnham & District), 
Sarah Norman (Waveney Valley AC), 
Anna O'Hare (Haverhill Running Club), 
Rebecca Oettle (Newmarket Joggers), 
Sianie Painter (Newmarket Joggers), 
Jo Parden (Framlingham Flyers), 
Hannah Pettersson (Ipswich Harriers), 
Danielle Pettiford (Haverhill Running Club), 
Tracy Quarrell (Haverhill Running Club), 
Maria Reed (Haverhill Running Club), 
Lorainne Reeves (Brandon Fern Hoppers), 
Susannah Reid (Cambridge & Coleridge AC), 
Belinda Schofield (Newmarket Joggers), 
Naomi Shelmerdine (Haverhill Running Club), 
Nicole Smith (Newmarket Joggers), 
Samantha Spencer (Ipswich Jaffa Rc), 
Caroline Talbot (Ipswich Jaffa RC), 
Vivienne Taylor (Framlingham Flyers), 
Laura Thomas (Ipswich Jaffa RC), 
Trudie Timms (Framlingham Flyers), 
Elizabeth Vale (Saxmundham Sports Running & Fitness Club), 
Marion Walker (Framlingham Flyers), 
Catriona Ward Sell (Vegan Runners UK), 
Melissa Wasdall (Haverhill Running Club), 
Ellen Williams (Haverhill Running Club), 
Frances Williams (Haverhill Running Club), 
Emilie Wix (Woodbridge Shufflers RC), 
Hannah Wood (Ipswich Jaffa Rc).
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Total teams: 8
Total athletes: 104