Top: Entries for The 68th Brampton to Carlisle 10 Mile Road Race

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5 online team entries for this event.
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Clydesdale HarriersClydesdale Harriers
2 athletes, 1 team

Fiona King, Martin King.
1 team2 athletes
DH RunnersDH Runners
2 athletes, 1 team

Neil Armstrong, Seema Ritson .
1 team2 athletes
Jarrow & Hebburn ACJarrow & Hebburn AC
2 athletes, 1 team

Georgia Campbell, Angela McGurk.
1 team2 athletes
Morpeth Harriers & AcMorpeth Harriers & Ac
1 athletes, 1 team

Matthew Boyle.
1 team1 athletes
0 athletes, 1 team
1 team0 athletes
222 online individual entries for this event
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Stephen Addison (Elswick Harriers), 
Graham Airey (Keswick AC), 
Timothy Allsop (Ponteland Runners), 
Zak Anderson (Cumberland Fell Runners), 
Matthew Archer (Elvet Striders), 
Beverley Armstrong (DH Runners), 
John Ashcroft (Leeds City Athletic Club), 
Andrew Ball (Elswick Harriers), 
Michael Barker (Unattached), 
Melissa Bateson (Elswick Harriers), 
Steven Beard (Unattached), 
Samuel Beckett (Crook & Dist Sports Ac), 
Trudy Beetham (Keswick AC), 
Andrew Bell (Elswick Harriers), 
Sarah Bennett (Cumberland AC), 
Rachel Bentley (Valley Striders AC), 
Thomas Birchall (Unattached), 
Andrew Birtles (South Shields Harriers & AC), 
Kate Black (Jesmond Joggers), 
Robert Booth (North Derbyshire RC), 
Steven Bowyer (Blackhill Bounders), 
Samantha Boyce (Unattached), 
Rachel Breheny (South Shields Harriers & AC), 
John Brettell (North Shields Polytechnic Club), 
Siobhan Brewer (Tri-Lakeland), 
Jason Brooker (Stocksfield Striders), 
Bethany Brown (Unattached), 
Kevin Brown (Unattached), 
Rachel Brown (Border Harriers & AC), 
Colin Browne (Carlisle Tri Club), 
Tanya Bushell (Women on the Run), 
Frances Butler (Unattached), 
Nicky Butler (Keswick AC), 
Chris Camps (South Shields Harriers & AC), 
Matthew Carr (Elvet Striders), 
Paul Challis (Unattached), 
Kenny Chambers (Tyne Bridge Harriers), 
Gary Chandler (DH Runners), 
Debbie Charlton (Keswick AC), 
Matt Charlton (DH Runners), 
Howard Christley (Unattached), 
Emily Christmas (Keswick AC), 
Alison Clark (Unattached), 
Martin Connelly (Elswick Harriers), 
Shaun Connelly (Elswick Harriers), 
Lynne Cornell (Run Nation Running Club), 
Brian Corrway (Unattached), 
Nik Corton (Elvet Striders), 
Louise Coultate (North Shields Polytechnic Club), 
Anja Coulthard (Keswick AC), 
Garry Cowan (Unattached), 
Philip Cueto (Derwent AC Cockermouth), 
Graeme Davidson (Unattached), 
Sally Davies (Women on the Run), 
David Dick (Unattached), 
Joel Dickinson (Unattached), 
Garry Dodd (Fordy Runs), 
Bill Doidge (Low Fell RC), 
Carl Donaldson (Unattached), 
Alistair Douglass (Morpeth Harriers & AC), 
Helen Edwards (Walney Wind Cheetahs), 
Alastair Elliott (Unattached), 
Jane Elliott (Keswick AC), 
Caroline Evans (DH Runners), 
Mark Evans (Unattached), 
Rory Ewart (Unattached), 
Andy F (Unattached), 
Peter Fairclough (St Helens Striders), 
Tim Falconer (Alnwick Harriers), 
Robert Farmer (Unattached), 
Carl Fisher (Unattached), 
Hayley Fleming (Unattached), 
George Foster (Ambleside AC), 
Elaine Friel (Unattached), 
Gemma Frost (Sunderland Harriers & AC), 
David Fulford (Glaxo Hoad Hill Harriers), 
Wendy Gass (Unattached), 
Danny Gilholme (Stocksfield Striders), 
Iain Goff (South Shields Harriers & AC), 
Paul Goodwin (Kirkby Milers AC), 
Rebekah Goupillot (Unattached), 
Michelle Graham (Unattached), 
Laura Greaves (North Shields Polytechnic Club), 
Martin Grey (DH Runners), 
David Grimshaw (Unattached), 
Alistair Gudgin (Fife Athletic Club), 
Adrian Hadley (Cumberland AC), 
Deborah Hallsworth (Derwent AC Cockermouth), 
Lorna Hannah (Unattached), 
Gemma Harcombe-Moore (New Marske Harriers Club), 
Bruce Hardy (Derwent AC Cockermouth), 
Ben Harper (Carlisle Tri Club), 
Adam Hart (Unattached), 
Joanne Hazell (DH Runners), 
Peter Hearn (Unattached), 
Gerry Hehir (Crook & Dist Sports AC), 
Andrew Henderson (BodyFit Cumbria Running Club), 
Andrew Heppell (Gosforth Harriers & AC), 
Amy Heptinstall (Elswick Harriers), 
Jeff Heyes (Unattached), 
Mick Hill (Leeds City Athletic Club), 
Michael Holliday (DH Runners), 
Mark Andrew Holmes (BodyFit Cumbria Running Club), 
Alan Homer (Unattached), 
Richard Hudson (Elswick Harriers), 
Alan Huggon (Unattached), 
Lynne Hume (Keswick AC), 
Anna Humphreys (Derwent AC Cockermouth), 
Kate Imrie (DH Runners), 
Barbara Ingman (North Shields Polytechnic Club), 
Laura Irving (Unattached), 
Daniel Jackson (Unattached), 
Anthony Jeffers (South Shields Harriers & AC), 
Nicola Jenkinson (Unattached), 
Robyn Jewell (Cumberland AC), 
Kirsten Johnson (Unattached), 
Gemma Keeley (Unattached), 
Graeme Kemp (Unattached), 
Olivia Kidd (Eden Runners), 
Graham King (Tyne Bridge Harriers), 
Michael Laverick (Unattached), 
Jonathan Law (Jesmond Joggers), 
Joanne Lee (Tyne Bridge Harriers), 
Karen Lillie (Unattached), 
Karen Littlejohn (Dumfries Running Club), 
Michael Littlewood (Elvet Striders), 
Wendy Littlewood (Elvet Striders), 
Sue Long (Unattached), 
Christopher Lowe (Unattached), 
Stuart Lowthian (Eden Runners), 
David Lumsdon (Elvet Striders), 
Lisa Lumsdon (Elvet Striders), 
Michael Mallen (Keswick AC), 
Emma Marshall (Unattached), 
Hannah Marshall (Elswick Harriers), 
Simon May (South Shields Harriers & AC), 
Campbell McCaig (Galloway Harriers A A C), 
Natalie McCarron (Cumberland AC), 
Stephen McDonald (Blackhill Bounders), 
Craig McDougall (DH Runners), 
Jeff McGurty (South Shields Harriers & AC), 
Jason Meecham (Elswick Harriers), 
Rachel Mellor (Keswick AC), 
Mary Messenger (DH Runners), 
Tracy Millmore (Birtley AC), 
Alex Money (Unattached), 
Mark Moore (Unattached), 
Julie Muir (Unattached), 
Tayla Murdy (Morpeth Harriers & AC), 
Dave Murray (Chorlton Runners), 
Richard Musgrave (Unattached), 
Robyn Naylor (Elswick Harriers), 
Daniel Nettle (Elswick Harriers), 
Paul Nickells (Eden Runners), 
David Norman (Altrincham & District Athletic Club Limited), 
Marie Nunes (Keswick AC), 
Claire O'Callaghan (South Shields Harriers & AC), 
Vicky O'Neill (Unattached), 
Cordelia Oneill (Unattached), 
Cheryl Parkin (Low Fell Rc), 
Dawn Pritchard (Tri-Lakeland), 
Catherine Elizabeth Purdy (Sunderland Harriers & AC), 
Claire Rankin (Unattached), 
Richard Rankin (Unattached), 
Kerry Reed (Tyne Bridge Harriers), 
Jennifer Rees (North Shields Polytechnic Club), 
Allan Renwick (Elvet Striders), 
Jonathan Rewcastle (Elswick Harriers), 
John Rowland (DH Runners), 
Darren Russell (Trafford Athletic Club), 
Gina Rutherford (Jarrow & Hebburn AC), 
Andrew Sanderson (Unattached), 
Kevin Scott (DH Runners), 
Philip Sesemann (Leeds City Athletic Club), 
Ronald Shannan (DH Runners), 
Nadia Shaw (Cumberland AC), 
Tracey Shaw (Cumberland AC), 
Jack Shawcross (Heaton Harriers & AC), 
Annabel Simpson (Fife Athletic Club), 
Tony Skelton (Unattached), 
Andrew Smith (Gateshead Harriers & AC), 
Laura Smith (Heaton Harriers & AC), 
Lee Smith (Derwent AC Cockermouth), 
Storm Smith (Jesmond Joggers), 
Hazel Smyth (Unattached), 
Philip Solomon (Unattached), 
Peter Somogyi (Unattached), 
Stephen Soulsby (Elvet Striders), 
Richard Spooner (Barnsley Harriers), 
Sam Stead (Keswick AC), 
Stefanos Stephanou (Richmond & Zetland Harriers), 
Chris Sumsion (Tyne Bridge Harriers), 
Malcolm Sygrove (Elvet Striders), 
Richard Tailford (Tyne Bridge Harriers), 
Callum Terry (Lonely Goat RC), 
Yamuna Thiru (Tyne Bridge Harriers), 
Gary Thorpe (Ambleside AC), 
Rebecca Thorpe (Millom Striders), 
Calum Tinnion (Keswick AC), 
Mark Turnbull (Elswick Harriers), 
Rachael Turnbull (Stocksfield Striders), 
Cristina Tyley (North Shields Polytechnic Club), 
Georgia Walker (Unattached), 
Lindsay Walker (Keswick AC), 
Peter Walker (Derwent AC Cockermouth), 
Graeme Walton (Elvet Striders), 
Elizabeth Watson (Derwent AC Cockermouth), 
Simon Wells (Jesmond Joggers), 
Corrine Whaling (Elvet Striders), 
Jenna Wilkinson (Sunderland Harriers & AC), 
Simon Wilkinson (Unattached), 
Deborah Wilmot (Elswick Harriers), 
Susan Winn (Unattached), 
Viv Winter (Tri-Lakeland), 
Catherine Wood (DH Runners), 
Fiona Wood (Elvet Striders), 
Jade Wylde (Unattached), 
Lesley Wylde (Unattached), 
Andrew Yarnold (Allen Valley Striders), 
Philip Young (Unattached).
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Total teams: 5
Total athletes: 229