Top: Entries for South Yorkshire Track & Field Championships

This entry list includes only those entrants who have entered using SportSoft online entry system.
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21 online entries for this event
Olivia Bell (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U15G_300m, U15G_800m, U15G_HJ
Francesca Brown (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U11G_80m, U11G_600m
Gabriella Brown (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U13G_800m, U13G_JT
Alex Cash (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U11B_80m, U11B_LJ
Joshua Copeman (Doncaster Athletic Club): U15B_300m, U15B_LJ
Amy Cotton (Doncaster Athletic Club): U15G_100m, U15G_75mH, U15G_SP
Hattie Davies (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_800m
Molly Gray (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U13G_100m, U13G_200m
Nathan Greenwood-Mitchell (Doncaster Athletic Club): U17M_100m, U17M_400m
Callum Hay (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U17M_LJ
Lilly Hughes (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_100m, U15G_200m, U15G_LJ
Ameera-leigh Kelly (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U11G_80m, U11G_LJ
Freya Lester (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U13G_1200m
Ben Morton (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15B_300m, U15B_LJ
Freya Paddon (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U15G_75mH, U15G_LJ, U15G_JT
Olivia Paddon (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U15G_75mH, U15G_LJ, U15G_JT
Elliot Reed (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U13B_1500m, U13B_LJ
Layla Roden (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U11G_600m, U11G_LJ, U11G_JT
Jorja Turner (None): U11G_80m, U11G_LJ
26 Postal entries for this event
Adam Allam (Doncaster Athletic Club): U17M_400m, U17M_DT, U17M_SP
Matthew Cockings (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U13B_HJ, U13B_SP
Joe Cox (Barnsley Athletic Club): U11B_80m, U11B_600m, U11B_JT
Emily Crowe (Barnsley Athletic Club): U13G_100m, U13G_200m
Lucy Forrest (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U17W_DT, U17W_HT, U17W_JT
Eleanor Hartley (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U13G_200m, U13G_70mH, U13G_HJ
Grace Horobin (Barnsley Athletic Club): U13G_100m, U13G_200m, U13G_70mH
Jack Horobin (Barnsley Athletic Club): U11G_80m, U11G_600m, U11G_JT
Amelia Jackson (Barnsley Athletic Club): U11G_80m, U11G_JT, U11G_SP
Adam Javed (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U13B_100m, U13B_200m
Nathan Kadejo (Doncaster Athletic Club): U13B_100m, U13B_200m, U13B_LJ
Miya Lambert (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U15G_800m, U15G_DT, U15G_JT
Rudi May (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U13B_75mH, U13B_LJ, U13B_HJ
Bronwyn Mooney (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U17W_100m, U17W_200m, U17W_300m
Liam Oliver (Barnsley Athletic Club): U11B_80m, U11B_600m
Ainley Olivia (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U17W_DT, U17W_HT, U17W_JT
Larissa Pickering (Barnsley Athletic Club): U15G_100m, U15G_LJ
Nathan Ramsay (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U17M_100mH, U17M_HJ, U17M_JT
Maya Schofield (Barnsley Athletic Club): U11G_80m, U11G_600m
Asha Seymour (Doncaster Athletic Club): U11G_80m, U11G_LJ, U11G_SP
Amelie Spicer (Barnsley Athletic Club): U11G_80m, U11G_600m, U11G_SP
Cayton Thompson (Barnsley Athletic Club): U11G_80m, U11G_LJ
George Wallace (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U13B_200m, U13B_800m, U13B_LJ
Lottie Wilkinson Bates (Barnsley Athletic Club): U17W_100m, U17W_JT, U17W_SP
Polly Woodhouse (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U15G_HJ
Alex Emily Wright (Barnsley Athletic Club): U15G_100m, U15G_200m, U15G_DT