Top: Entries for Yorkshire Track and Field Championships 2019

This entry list includes only those entrants who have entered using SportSoft online entry system.
It may take up to 24 hours for new entrants to appear.

657 online entries for this event
Mohamed Abshir (Leeds City Athletic Club): SM_1500m, SM_3000mSC
Katie Adams (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_800m
Vikki Adams (Leeds City Athletic Club): SW_LJ
Finlay Addy-Child (Longwood Harriers AC): U15B_100m, U15B_HJ, U15B_JT
Daphney Adebayo (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U15G_100m, U15G_LJ, U15G_SP
Olivia Ainley (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U17W_DT, U17W_HT, U17W_JT
Sam Akerman (Leeds City Athletic Club): U17M_800m
Jack Allison (Leeds City Athletic Club): SM_800m
Abigail Allport (Bingley Harriers & AC): U17W_LJ, U17W_HJ
Connor James Anderson (Doncaster Athletic Club): U17M_800m
Mehitabelle Angelo (Leeds City Athletic Club): U15G_100m
Hermione Archer (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): SW_100m, SW_200m
Kristie Archer (Wombwell Sporting Ac): U17W_100m, U17W_LJ
Leila Armoush (Leeds City Athletic Club): SW_5000m
Eleanor Armstrong (City of York AC): U17W_HT
Megan Ascough (Spenborough & Dist AC): SW_HT
Amelia Ashmore (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_800m
Zoe Heather Ashurst (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U17W_200m, U17W_80mH
Natalya Aspinall (City of York AC): U17W_200m
Glenn Aspindle (Spenborough & Dist AC): SM_JT
Leah Atack (City of York AC): U17W_LJ, U17W_SP
Lee Athersmith (Wharfedale Harriers): SM_3000mSC
Rachel Atherton (Leeds City Athletic Club): SW_800m
Steve Atkin (Northern Masters AC): SM_DT, SM_SP
Timothy Atkin (Northern Masters AC): SM_DT, SM_SP
Daniel Atkins (Longwood Harriers AC): U13B_100m
Harry Atkinson (None): U15B_LJ, U15B_JT
Katie Atkinson (Keighley & Craven Ac): U20W_400m
Will Atkinson (Keighley & Craven Ac): U17M_400m
Anaiah Atoyebi (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U13G_80m
Joshua Atoyebi (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U13B_100m, U13B_LJ
Chloe Bagshaw (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_75mH, U15G_HJ, U15G_JT, U15G_SP
Abigail Baiden (Rothwell Harriers & AC): U13G_800m
Sebastienna Bairstow (Keighley & Craven AC): U15G_800m, U15G_1500m
Willow Baker (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U15G_1500m
Samantha Baker-Jones (Harrogate Harriers & Ac): SW_800m, SW_400mH, SW_LJ, SW_JT
Emma Ball (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U20W_800m
Tillie Bamfield (Keighley & Craven AC): U17W_SP
Olivia Barley (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U13G_800m
Ellie Barnes (Doncaster Athletic Club): U13G_HJ
Lewis Barnes (Bingley Harriers & AC): U15B_100m, U15B_200m
Lucas Barnes (Bingley Harriers & AC): U13B_800m, U13B_HJ
Faye Barraclough (Leeds City Athletic Club): U15G_75mH, U15G_LJ
Ella Barrett (Chesterfield & District AC): SW_200m
Imogen Barrett (City of York AC): U13G_LJ, U13G_HJ
Shaun Barron (Bingley Harriers & AC): U20M_DT
Chloe Barrowclough (Barnsley Athletic Club): U13G_80m
Jasmine Bate (Pontefract AC): U17W_HT
Philippa Baxter (City of York AC): U20W_400m
William Baxter (Doncaster Athletic Club): SM_DT, SM_SP
Eric Beaumont (Keighley & Craven AC): U17M_LJ, U17M_1500m
Jessica Beaumont (Longwood Harriers AC): U17W_200m, U17W_300m
Charlotte Bell (Spenborough & Dist Ac): U20W_DT, U20W_HT
James Bell (Spenborough & Dist Ac): U15B_100m, U15B_HT, U15B_SP
Olivia Bell (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U15G_800m, U15G_HJ
George Bellamy (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U17M_800m
Alexander Bellew (Leeds City Athletic Club): SM_5000m
Angela Benson (Ripon Runners): SW_200m
Tom Bentley (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U15B_200m, U15B_LJ, U15B_80mH
Orla Betts (Leeds City Athletic Club): U13G_80m, U13G_LJ
Charlotte Bingham (Rothwell Harriers & AC): U13G_800m
Joanna Bingham (Rothwell Harriers & AC): U17W_800m
Hannah Bird (Rotherham Harriers and AC): SW_100m, SW_200m
Ryan Bird (Barnsley Athletic Club): U17M_100m, U17M_200m
Abigail Bishell (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): SW_100m
Isabelle Bloem (Halifax Harriers & AC): U17W_300m, U17W_800m
Clare Blunt (Kingston upon Hull AC): SW_PV
Oliver Bolland (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U17M_400m
Simon Bolland (Spenborough & Dist AC): SM_1500m, SM_5000m
Ellie Booker (Rotherham Harriers And Ac): U20W_100m, U20W_200m
Holly Booker (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_800m
Mark Bostock (Wakefield District H & AC): SM_800m, SM_1500m
Alexander Bostwick (Wakefield District H & AC): U15B_200m, U15B_300m, U15B_PV, U15B_SP
Oliver Bostwick (Wakefield District H & AC): U13B_SP
Josh Boyer (Doncaster Athletic Club): U13B_LJ, U13B_HJ
Dan Bradbury (Barnsley Athletic Club): U17M_JT
Dominic Brennan (Barnsley Athletic Club): U17M_DT, U17M_SP, U17M_100m, U17M_200m, U17M_JT, U17M_LJ
Holly Brewster (Longwood Harriers AC): U15G_800m, U15G_1500m
Abbey Brooke (Wakefield District H & AC): U20W_1500m, U20W_3000m
Suzie Brooke (Wakefield District H & AC): U17W_1500m, U17W_3000m
Carmen Brooks (City of York AC): U15G_200m, U15G_SP
Rory Brooks (City of York AC): U15B_JT
Tui Brooks (Keighley & Craven AC): U15G_200m, U15G_SP
Aurora Brown (Leeds City Athletic Club): U15G_HJ
Freddie Brown (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U17M_100mH, U17M_LJ
Gabriella Brown (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U13G_800m
Kiikii Brown (Leeds City Athletic Club): U17W_LJ, U17W_SP
Sam Brown (Steel City Striders RC): SM_800m
Oscar Bryce (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): SM_HT
Toni Buckingham (Barnsley Athletic Club): SW_SP
Katie Buckley (Keighley & Craven AC): U13G_800m
Alfie Bugg (City of York AC): U17M_100m, U17M_LJ
Freya Burgin (Halifax Harriers & AC): U15G_DT
Max Burgin (Halifax Harriers & Ac): U20M_800m
Corey Burrett (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U13B_100m
Mike Burrett (Leeds City Athletic Club): SM_5000m
Hayley Butcher (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U15G_800m
Joshua Butler (Bingley Harriers & AC): U17M_LJ
Jacob Butterfield (Leeds City Athletic Club): U17M_200m, U17M_400m
Molly Butterworth (Doncaster Athletic Club): SW_800m, SW_1500m
Mark Cage (City of York AC): SM_800m, SM_1500m
Jess Cappleman (Kingston upon Hull AC): SW_800m
Lilli Carr (Keighley & Craven AC): U17W_1500m
Heather Carson (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): SW_200m
Harrison Carter (Pontefract AC): U13B_SP
Henry Carter (Spenborough & Dist AC): SM_5000m
William Carter (Pontefract AC): SM_LJ, SM_PV, SM_DT, SM_JT, SM_SP
Kiesha Carty (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): SW_100m, SW_200m
Cameron Cass (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): SM_1500m
Isabel Castelow (Halifax Harriers & AC): U20W_800m
Isabel Causer (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_800m, U15G_1500m
Aaliyah Cawley (Doncaster Athletic Club): U17W_DT, U17W_SP
Edward Chafer (Bingley Harriers & AC): SM_LJ
Jonathan Chan (Sheffield Hallam University Athletics Club): SM_400m, SM_400mH
Bibek Chanda (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17M_100m, U17M_200m
David Chapman (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U17M_200m, U17M_400m
Alexandre Chazel (University Of Sheffield Union Of Students): SM_400m
Jasmine Cheung (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U15G_100m
Kathryn Clague (City of York AC): U13G_80m, U13G_800m, U13G_LJ, U13G_HJ, U13G_SP
Joseph Clancy (Leeds City Athletic Club): U20M_3000m
Ben Clarke (Worcester AC): SM_400m, SM_110mH
Callie Coates (Doncaster Athletic Club): U15G_300m, U15G_800m, U15G_LJ, U15G_HJ
Matthew Cockings (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U13B_100m, U13B_HJ, U13B_SP
Eleanor Colbourn (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U15G_800m
Claudia Cole (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U17W_SP
Joseph James Collini (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U15B_1500m
Callum Collins (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U17M_800m
Alex Colton (Leeds City Athletic Club): U20M_LJ, U20M_TJ
Ben Combes (Halifax Harriers & AC): U17M_100m, U17M_200m
George Connelly (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U13B_100m, U13B_LJ
Sam Conroy (Keighley & Craven AC): U15B_3000m
Osman Conteh (Bradford Airedale AC): U15B_200m
William Cooke (Leeds City Athletic Club): U17M_400mH
Ian Cooley (Rotherham Harriers and AC): SM_HT
Thomas Cooper (Leeds City Athletic Club): U17M_1500m
Morgan Corcoran (Bingley Harriers & AC): U15B_100m, U15B_200m
Annalise Nicole Cowling (Doncaster Athletic Club): U15G_100m, U15G_LJ
Melissa Coxon (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U17W_80mH, U17W_300mH
Soraya Crodden (Longwood Harriers AC): U17W_100m, U17W_200m, U17W_300mH, U17W_DT, U17W_SP
Rachel Crorken (Wakefield District H & AC): SW_200m, SW_400m
Alice Crosby (City of York AC): U15G_300m
Jessica Crosby (City of York AC): U17W_JT, U17W_SP
Stella Cross (Wetherby Runners Ac): U20W_3000m
Eve Crossley (Keighley & Craven AC): U17W_800m
Emily Crowe (Barnsley Athletic Club): U13G_80m
Harrison Cundy (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U17M_TJ, U17M_HJ
Joseph Currie (Leeds City Athletic Club): U13B_800m
Martha Currie (Leeds City Athletic Club): U15G_1500m
Damien Curtis (Doncaster Athletic Club): U17M_100m, U17M_200m
Helena Da Costa (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U17W_300m, U17W_300mH
Kai Daley (Halifax Harriers & AC): U13B_100m, U13B_LJ
Michael Damoah (Blackheath and Bromley Harriers Athletic Club): SM_100m
Emmi Darlow (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U13G_80m
Ella Darwin (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U15G_100m, U15G_HJ
Maddy Davey (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_800m
Aiden Davies (Doncaster Athletic Club): SM_100m, SM_110mH
Fiona Davies (Rotherham Harriers and AC): SW_5000m
George Davies (City of York AC): SM_JT
Luca Davis (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17M_200m
Erica Davison (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U17W_80mH, U17W_LJ, U17W_HJ, U17W_SP
Tally Nicole Diamond (Valley Striders AC): U15G_3000m
Carys Dickson (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U15G_HJ
Jo Dixon (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U13G_80m
Leaha Jayne Dixon (Doncaster Athletic Club): SW_100m, SW_200m, SW_400m
Trinity Dooley-Williams (Doncaster Athletic Club): U15G_75mH, U15G_LJ, U15G_SP
Alex Durant (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17M_1500m, U17M_1500mSC
Nathaniel Dyas (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17M_100m, U17M_200m, U17M_400m, U17M_LJ
Gabrielle Dyson (Wakefield District H & AC): U20W_PV
Olivia Dyson (Holmfirth Harriers AC): U17W_3000m
Alfie Edwards (Wakefield District H & AC): U17M_100m, U17M_LJ, U17M_HJ, U17M_PV
Khalid Edwards (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15B_LJ
Hannah Ellam (City of York AC): U17W_100m, U17W_LJ, U17W_TJ, U17W_SP
George Ellis (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U13B_100m, U13B_800m
Bradley Ellison (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U20M_400m
Kaitlin Enderwick (Middlesbrough Athletic Club (mandale)): SW_SP
Andrew England (Northern Masters AC): SM_HJ
Elliot English (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U13B_800m
Sophia Errington (Skyrac Athletic Club): U13G_80m
Rebecca Evans (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U15G_800m
Rosie Eves (Doncaster Athletic Club): U20W_LJ
Scarlett Falloon (Rothwell Harriers & AC): U13G_SP
Bryce Farmer-Beasley (City of York AC): U13B_100m, U13B_SP
Max Farmer-Beasley (City of York AC): U17M_200m, U17M_400m
Ellie Fedzin (Wakefield District H & AC): U15G_100m, U15G_LJ, U15G_HJ
Joe Ferguson (Leeds City Athletic Club): U20M_100m, U20M_200m
Zak Ferguson (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U15B_800m, U15B_1500m
Emily Field (Bingley Harriers & AC): U20W_1500m, U20W_3000m
Jonathan Fields (Rotherham Harriers and AC): SM_100m
Maciek Filicha (Leeds City Athletic Club): U17M_100m, U17M_200m
Molly Firth (Spenborough & Dist AC): U15G_200m, U15G_300m
Daniel Fleming (City of York AC): SM_DT
Lilly Fletcher (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): SW_5000m
Hannah May Fletcher-Poole (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): SW_5000m
Agnes Flinders (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U15G_800m
Joseph Flitcroft (Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC): SM_HT
Lauren Foletti (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_JT
Hazel Forrest (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U13G_800m
Rose Forrest (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U17W_3000m
Andrew Forsyth (Doncaster Athletic Club): SM_400m
Holly Fowler (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_200m, U17W_300m, U17W_TJ
Tyler Fowles (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): SM_100m, SM_200m
Sophie Fox (Halifax Harriers & AC): U20W_DT, U20W_HT
Matthew France (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U15B_100m
Daniel Franks (Wakefield District H & AC): SM_800m, SM_1500m
Millie French-Harling (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U17W_200m, U17W_300m
Ben Fuller (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U17M_100mH, U17M_HJ
Matthew Fuller (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U20M_1500m
Atheer Galdagon (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): SM_100m
Grace Gannon (Leeds City Athletic Club): U15G_100m, U15G_200m, U15G_300m, U15G_LJ, U15G_SP
Gabrielle Garber (Leeds City Athletic Club): U15G_75mH, U15G_LJ, U15G_HJ, U15G_DT, U15G_JT, U15G_SP
Samuel Gatewood (Skyrac Athletic Club): SM_100m, SM_200m
Amy Gellion (Rotherham Harriers And Ac): U20W_400m
Harisah Ghafoor (Keighley & Craven AC): U15G_1500m
Joshua Gilbert (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U15B_800m
Lorna Gill (Halifax Harriers & AC): SW_100m
Christopher Gillott (Barnsley Athletic Club): SM_800m
Julien Gittens (Leeds City Athletic Club): SM_TJ
Miya Gladwin (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_100m, U15G_200m
Charley Glennon (Barnsley Athletic Club): U17W_800m
Hilary Gode (Leeds City Athletic Club): U17W_100m
James Gold (City of York AC): U15B_800m, U15B_1500m
Matthew Graham (Manchester Harriers & AC): SM_800m
Thomas Grantham (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): SM_200m, SM_400m, SM_400mH, SM_SP
Molly Gray (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U13G_80m, U13G_LJ
Liam Greaves (Wakefield District H & AC): U17M_100m, U17M_200m
Nathan Greenwood-Mitchell (Doncaster Athletic Club): U17M_100m, U17M_200m, U17M_400m
Natalie Groves (Spenborough & Dist AC): U17W_200m, U17W_300m
James Habergham (Halifax Harriers & Ac): SM_800m, SM_1500m
Alice Hadaway (City of York AC): U15G_DT, U15G_JT
Lucy Hadaway (City Of York Ac): U20W_100mH, U20W_LJ, U20W_SP
Owen Haffner (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U13B_800m
Tegan Hamilton-Adams (Halifax Harriers & AC): U17W_300mH, U17W_TJ
Ruby Handley (Barnsley Athletic Club): U15G_200m, U15G_HJ, U15G_100m
Neve Hardcastle (Longwood Harriers AC): U17W_800m, U17W_1500m
Millie Hardy (Wombwell Sporting AC): U15G_75mH, U15G_LJ, U15G_JT
Louis Hargreaves (Wakefield District H & AC): U17M_100m
Jacob Harman (Holmfirth Harriers AC): SM_400m, SM_800m
Chris Harris (Wakefield District H & AC): SM_LJ, SM_TJ
Lilia Harris (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U13G_800m
Matthew Harrison (Leeds City Athletic Club): SM_400mH
Eleanor Hartley (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U13G_80m
James Hartley (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): SM_3000mSC
Zena Hartley (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_1500m
Eve Hastie (City of York AC): U15G_75mH, U15G_LJ
Natasha Hatswell (Rotherham Harriers and AC): SW_1500m
Olivia Haveron (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U20W_800m, U20W_1500m
Callum Hay (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U17M_LJ
Samuel Headley (Keighley & Craven AC): U15B_800m, U15B_1500m
Sam Heaton (Longwood Harriers AC): U17M_800m
Jaime Hemsworth (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_100m, U15G_200m
Isaac Henson (City of York AC): U15B_1500m, U15B_80mH, U15B_SP
Philip Hewitt (Holmfirth Harriers Ac): SM_5000m
Ben Hill (Skyrac Athletic Club): U15B_1500m, U15B_3000m
Jodie Hill (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_3000m
Eddie Hinchliffe (Holmfirth Harriers AC): SM_JT
Elle Grace Hinchliffe (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U17W_100m, U17W_80mH
Louie Stuart Hinchliffe (Wombwell Sporting AC): U20M_100m
Adam Hirst (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U15B_3000m
Ruth Hirst (City of York AC): SW_400mH
Jacob Hockin (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U15B_100m, U15B_200m
Amy Hodgson (Rotherham Harriers and AC): SW_200m, SW_100mH, SW_LJ
Albert Hoey (Longwood Harriers AC): U15B_100m, U15B_200m
Frances Hogg (City of York AC): U15G_100m, U15G_800m, U15G_LJ, U15G_HJ, U15G_SP
Emily May Holden (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U20W_800m
Shea Holloway (Harrow AC): SM_200m
Jack Holmes (Pontefract AC): U13B_HJ
Lucy Holmes (Wakefield District H & Ac): SW_100m, SW_200m
Gabriella Holt (Team Bath Athletic Club): U20W_HT, U20W_SP
Nick Hooker (Leeds City Athletic Club): SM_5000m
Philip Hoole (Rotherham Harriers and AC): SM_5000m
Jacob Hopkin (City of York AC): U15B_200m
Elise Horner (Halifax Harriers & AC): U15G_800m
Emily Hornung (Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow AC): SW_100m
Louis How (City of York AC): U15B_300m, U15B_800m
Lisa Marie Revitt Howarth (Doncaster Athletic Club): SW_100mH
Caitlin Howes (Pontefract AC): U15G_LJ, U15G_SP
Cameron Howes (Pontefract Ac): U20M_HJ
Zack Howson (Leeds City Athletic Club): U15B_100m, U15B_LJ, U15B_HJ, U15B_SP
Joe Hudson (Keighley & Craven AC): U20M_3000m
Jonson Hughes (Barnsley Athletic Club): U13B_800m
Lilly Hughes (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_200m, U15G_LJ, U15G_300m
Rocco Hughes (Barnsley Athletic Club): U13B_800m
Scarlett Hughes (Barnsley Athletic Club): U15G_100m, U15G_DT, U15G_SP
Sonny Boy Hughes (Barnsley Athletic Club): U15B_1500m
Thomas Hughes (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): SM_400m, SM_LJ, SM_HJ
William Hugill (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U17M_1500m
Amy Hunt (Wakefield District H & AC): U15G_LJ, U15G_PV
Erin Hunt (Wakefield District H & Ac): U15G_PV
Eddie Hunter (Leeds City Athletic Club): U20M_800m
Emily Hunter (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_300m, U17W_800m
Zoe Hunter (Leeds City Athletic Club): U17W_800m
Saskia Huxham (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U20W_800m
Jemma Ibbetson (Leeds City Athletic Club): SW_DT
Jennifer Ibbitson (Wakefield District H & AC): SW_PV, SW_DT, SW_HT
Emma Ibbotson (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U15G_300m
Cameron Inglis (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U15B_300m, U15B_DT
Eve Jackson (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_800m
Hannah Jackson (Keighley & Craven AC): U15G_1500m
Rhys Jackson (Doncaster Athletic Club): U20M_200m, U20M_110mH, U20M_LJ
Istvan Jacso (Ilkley Harriers AC): SM_3000mSC
Julia Jagger (Holmfirth Harriers AC): SW_1500m
Joshua James (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U17M_PV
Sophie James (Doncaster Athletic Club): U15G_800m, U15G_LJ
Jonathan Johnson (Rotherham Harriers and AC): SM_5000m
Mark Johnson (Leeds City Athletic Club): SM_PV
Alice Jones (Wharfedale Harriers): U17W_1500m
Ava Jones (Doncaster Athletic Club): U15G_100m, U15G_200m
Brodie Jones (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): SW_100m
Bronte Jones (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): SW_SP, SW_DT
Emily Jones (Wharfedale Harriers): U20W_3000m
Eve Jones (Skyrac Athletic Club): U17W_3000m
Keira Jones (Leeds City Athletic Club): U15G_LJ, U15G_HJ
Autumn Joseph (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U17W_HJ
Katie Joyce (Leeds City Athletic Club): U20W_200m, U20W_100mH, U20W_HJ
Chloe Kaye (Wakefield District H & AC): U15G_200m, U15G_HJ
Sam Kelly (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17M_HJ
Danny Kerins (Wakefield District H & AC): U13B_SP
Charlotte Kerr (Rotherham Harriers And Ac): U20W_HJ
Isla Kerr (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U13G_SP
Freya Kesteven (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U15G_100m, U15G_200m
Nandy Kihuyu (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_100m, U15G_200m, U15G_300m
Fergus Knappy (Keighley & Craven AC): U17M_1500m
Laura Knowles (Halifax Harriers & AC): U20W_3000m
George Kriel Parr (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U15B_800m
Titus Kuhora (University of Sheffield Union of Students): SM_800m
Ella Kynoch (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U15G_DT, U15G_SP
Edward Lake (City Of York Ac): U20M_100m, U20M_200m
Christina Laking (Barnsley Athletic Club): SW_5000m
Dominic Lamb (Spenborough & Dist AC): SM_100m, SM_200m
Kieran Lambert (Doncaster Athletic Club): U17M_200m, U17M_400m
William Lander (Holmfirth Harriers Ac): SM_200m
William Lane (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U15B_PV
Lottie Langan (City of York AC): U13G_800m
Samuel Langley (Wakefield District H & AC): U17M_800m, U17M_1500m
Nicole Lannie (Doncaster Athletic Club): U17W_80mH, U17W_LJ, U17W_SP
Arron Larkin (Rotherham Harriers and AC): SM_5000m
Racheal Larkin (Wakefield District H & AC): SW_100m, SW_200m, SW_400m
Emmanuel Lawal (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17M_100m, U17M_200m
Joanna Lawler-Rhodes (Bingley Harriers & AC): SW_TJ
Amaha Lawrence (Leeds City Athletic Club): U20M_400m
Bayleigh Lawton (Spenborough & Dist AC): U15B_100m, U15B_200m
Aidan Leach (Bingley Harriers & AC): SM_100m, SM_200m
Claire Leaver-Hewitt (Holmfirth Harriers AC): SW_5000m
Isabel Lee (City of York AC): U15G_75mH, U15G_PV, U15G_SP
Taavo Leon (Leeds City Athletic Club): SM_100m, SM_200m
Cormack Lever (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): SM_JT
Miriam Levy (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_HJ
David Lewis (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U20M_3000m
Andrew Li (University of Sheffield Union of Students): SM_200m
Scott Lincoln (City Of York AC): SM_SP
Maya Lindridge (City of York AC): U15G_100m, U15G_200m, U15G_HT, U15G_JT
Steve Linsell (Leeds City Athletic Club): SM_HJ, SM_DT, SM_HT
Nathan Linsley (Gateshead Harriers & AC): SM_400m
Rebecca Lister (City of York AC): U20W_200m, U20W_100mH, U20W_HJ, U20W_JT, U20W_100m
Erin Lobley (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_300m, U15G_HJ, U15G_JT, U15G_SP
Madison Lockey (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U15G_75mH
Megan Loney (City of York AC): U20W_200m
Brooke Long (Leeds City Athletic Club): U15G_100m
Steve Lowe (Pontefract AC): SM_3000mSC
George Lowrie (Wakefield District H & Ac): U17M_LJ
Summer Ludlam (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_800m, U15G_1500m
Joe MacDonald (Halifax Harriers & AC): U17M_400m
Syd Marshall (City of York AC): U13B_100m, U13B_LJ
Holly Martin (Spenborough & Dist AC): SW_200m
Mo Martin (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_1500m, U17W_800m
Neve Martin (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_75mH, U15G_LJ, U15G_JT
Gianluca Mastrolonardo (City of York AC): U15B_3000m
Charlotte Mather (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): SW_DT, SW_JT
Isabel Matique (City of York AC): U17W_200m, U17W_HJ
Charlotte Maude (City of York AC): U15G_75mH
Emily Maude (City of York AC): U13G_LJ
Regan Mawson (Barnsley Athletic Club): U13B_100m
Rudi May (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U13B_LJ, U13B_HJ, U13B_SP
Jessica Mayho (Birchfield Harriers): SW_HT
Joe McDadd (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17M_1500m
Liam Mcgivern (Wrexham AC): SM_400m
Roisin McGrath (Longwood Harriers AC): U17W_3000m
Jayde McGregor (Halifax Harriers & AC): U13G_80m, U13G_LJ, U13G_HJ
Sophie McIlroy (Skyrac Athletic Club): U17W_800m
Kyle McLeay (City of York AC): U20M_1500m
Eima Meade (Radley Athletic Club): SM_100m
Matthew Merrick (Aldershot Farnham & District): SM_1500m, SM_5000m
Harriet Metcalfe (Wakefield District H & AC): U17W_3000m
Scarlett Metcalfe (Keighley & Craven AC): U15G_1500m
Hannah Metherall (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_3000m
Adam Miah (Rothwell Harriers & AC): U13B_800m
Reece Middleton (City of York AC): SM_200m, SM_400m
Eleanor Milbourn (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_100m, U17W_300m
Noah Milbourn (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15B_1500m
Lee Milburn (Rotherham Harriers and AC): SM_1500m
Tamara Miller (Wakefield District H & AC): U17W_100m, U17W_200m
Isobel Mills (Orion Harriers): SW_400mH
Lucy Mills (Halifax Harriers & AC): U20W_400m
Connor Milnes (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): SM_5000m
Chloe Minteh (Leeds City Athletic Club): U15G_100m, U15G_75mH, U15G_LJ, U15G_HJ
Curtis Mitchell (Preston Harriers): SM_110mH
Sebastian Mobus (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U20M_TJ
Bronwyn Mooney (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U17W_200m
Amie Moore (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U17W_100m, U17W_200m, U17W_SP
Bethan Morley (Ilkley Harriers AC): U20W_800m
Elliott Morton (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U17M_800m, U17M_1500m
Alex Moseley (Doncaster Athletic Club): U17M_800m
Joshua Moss (City of York AC): U15B_JT
Bethany Louise Mount (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U20W_800m
Joel Moverley (Leeds City Athletic Club): U17M_LJ
Adam Murray (Wakefield District H & AC): SM_100m, SM_200m
Casey Musgrave (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U13G_80m, U13G_800m
Tilly Mycroft (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U15G_100m, U15G_LJ, U15G_SP
Annie Naylor (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_1500m
Demetric Nelson (Bingley Harriers & AC): SM_200m, SM_400m
Courtney Newsome (Wakefield District H & AC): U13G_80m, U13G_LJ
Isobel Nicholls (Scarborough Athletic Club): U15G_3000m
Christina Nick (City of York AC): SW_DT, SW_SP
Isabella Nimmo (Skyrac Athletic Club): U13G_80m, U13G_LJ
Harvey Norden (Rothwell Harriers & AC): U17M_3000m
Nicole Norton (Rotherham Harriers and AC): SW_400m
Ben Nutter (Barnsley Athletic Club): U13B_800m
Scott Nutter (Barnsley Athletic Club): U17M_3000m
Taf Nyaku (Leeds City Athletic Club): SM_100m, SM_200m
Liam O'Brien (Leeds City Athletic Club): SM_1500m
Christy O'Hare (Middlesbrough Athletic Club (Mandale)): U13B_800m
Tom O'Mahoney (Richmond & Zetland Harriers): U15B_1500m, U15B_3000m
Alice O'Sullivan (Keighley & Craven AC): U13G_800m
Izzi Obrien (City of York AC): U17W_800m
Joseph Obrien (City of York AC): U17M_1500m
Regan Oconnell (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): SM_100m, SM_200m
Andrew Ogley (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U17M_LJ, U17M_HJ
Dorcas Ojiakor (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U20W_100mH, U20W_HJ
Sophie Oliver (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_PV
Isabella Or Kam Fat (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U20W_200m, U20W_400m
Matteo Or Kam Fat (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U15B_200m
Callum Orange (Leeds City Athletic Club): U20M_LJ, U20M_TJ
Darren Otter (Doncaster Athletic Club): SM_HJ
Freya Paddon (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U15G_75mH, U15G_LJ, U15G_JT
Olivia Paddon (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U15G_75mH, U15G_JT
Lewis Paley (Wakefield District H & AC): SM_100m, SM_200m
Charlie Parker (Rothwell Harriers & AC): U13B_800m
Jake Parker (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U13B_800m
Louie Parker (Rothwell Harriers & AC): U17M_3000m
Luke Parker (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U15B_800m
Sarah Parsons (City of York AC): SW_DT, SW_HT, SW_SP
Jakub Patyk (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U13B_100m, U13B_800m, U13B_LJ
Archie Peaker (Keighley & Craven AC): U13B_800m
Ben Pearson (City of York AC): U17M_100m, U17M_200m, U17M_LJ, U17M_TJ
George Perkins (Rotherham Harriers and AC): SM_HT
Joe Phillips (Doncaster Athletic Club): U20M_1500m
Larissa Pickering (Barnsley Athletic Club): U15G_100m, U15G_LJ
Sam Picton (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U20M_200m
Marley Plant (Allerton Junior Athletics Club): U15B_3000m
Grace Plater (Leeds City Athletic Club): U20W_LJ, U20W_TJ
Molly Louise Platts (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U20W_3000m
William Platts (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U13B_800m
Emily Plimmer (Wakefield District H & AC): U17W_1500m
Jordan Poulston (Doncaster Athletic Club): U17M_400m
Craig Pounder (City Of York Ac): SM_110mH, SM_HJ, SM_DT, SM_JT
Esme Pounder (City of York AC): U13G_80m, U13G_LJ, U13G_HJ, U13G_SP
Adam Pow (Leeds City Athletic Club): U13B_800m
Jacob Pow (Leeds City Athletic Club): U15B_800m
Abigail Price (Skyrac Athletic Club): U15G_100m, U15G_200m
Hannah Price (Skyrac Athletic Club): U17W_300m, U17W_800m
Lexie Proudley (Doncaster Athletic Club): U15G_200m, U15G_300m, U15G_LJ, U15G_HJ
Millie Grace Purchase (Doncaster Athletic Club): U15G_800m
Ethan Pym (City of York AC): U15B_LJ
Becky Quirke (University of Sheffield Union of Students): SW_400m
Kyle Rabjohn (Richmond & Zetland Harriers): U17M_800m
William Randall (Rothwell Harriers & AC): U17M_800m
Omaan Rashid (Bingley Harriers & AC): U17M_SP
Eleanor Rawson (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): SW_100m, SW_200m
Charlotte Rawstron (Skyrac Athletic Club): U15G_1500m
Eleanor Rayner (Wakefield District H & AC): U15G_100m, U15G_200m, U15G_300m
Jessica Rayner (Leeds City Athletic Club): U20W_JT
Zachary Rayner (Wakefield District H & AC): U15B_800m
Olivia Reah (Spenborough & Dist AC): U17W_LJ, U17W_TJ
Elliot Reed (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U13B_800m, U13B_LJ
Daniel Reeve (Doncaster Athletic Club): U13B_800m
Joseph Reeve (Richmond & Zetland Harriers): U15B_3000m
Leon Reeve (Richmond & Zetland Harriers): SM_1500m
William Reid (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U15B_200m, U15B_80mH, U15B_LJ, U15B_HJ
Keiva Rennocks (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U20W_1500m
John Rice (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): SM_1500m
Emily Richardson (Barnsley Athletic Club): U13G_80m, U13G_800m, U13G_LJ
Letisha Richardson (Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow Ac): SW_LJ, SW_TJ
Torin Rickerby (Rothwell Harriers & AC): U15B_1500m, U15B_3000m
Caitlin Rimmer (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U17W_DT, U17W_HT, U17W_SP
Ella Roberts (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_800m
Florence Roberts (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U15G_800m
Alex Robinson (Holmfirth Harriers AC): SM_5000m
Cyane Robinson (Rotherham Harriers And Ac): U20W_1500m
Eve Robinson (Wakefield District H & AC): U13G_80m, U13G_800m, U13G_SP
Joshua Robinson (Keighley & Craven AC): U17M_100m, U17M_200m
Katie Robinson (City of York AC): U17W_300mH
Katy Robinson (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): SW_200m, SW_100mH, SW_HJ, SW_SP
Lucy Robinson (Wakefield District H & AC): SW_1500m
Luke Robinson (City of York AC): U17M_JT
Oliver Robinson (Bingley Harriers & AC): SM_400m
Holly Rodgers (Rotherham Harriers And Ac): SW_HT
Alice Roe (Wakefield District H & AC): U13G_SP
Olivia Roe (Wakefield District H & AC): U17W_100m, U17W_200m, U17W_DT
Harry Roffey (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U20M_800m
Amy Rolfe (City Of York Ac): U20W_LJ
Ben Rosie (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U17M_100m
Austin Rouse (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U17M_JT
Esther Rowe-Towle (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U17W_1500m
Joanna Rowland (Crawley Ac): SW_200m, SW_100mH, SW_LJ, SW_SP
Louise Royston (Halifax Harriers & AC): SW_400m
Donnabhan Rudden (Keighley & Craven AC): U15B_800m, U15B_1500m
Julia Rutkowska (Pontefract AC): U13G_800m, U13G_HJ
Aaron Rutter (City of York AC): U15G_SP
Matthew Savage (Bingley Harriers & AC): SM_DT, SM_JT
Dawid Sawaryn (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U15B_100m
James Saxton (Wakefield District H & Ac): SM_800m
Mollie Scaramuzza (Holmfirth Harriers AC): U17W_1500m, U17W_HJ
Mena Scatchard (Ripon Runners): U17W_1500m, U17W_800m
Benjamin Schofield (City of York AC): U20M_400mH
Maria Schofield (City of York AC): U20W_HT, U20W_SP
Samuel Schofield (City of York AC): U15B_HT, U15B_JT
Archie Scott (Bingley Harriers & AC): U20M_800m
Leni Scott (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U15B_800m
Adam Seidel (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U17M_800m
Daniel Sewell (City of York AC): SM_LJ
Jonathan Sewell (City of York AC): SM_JT
Ceara Sexton (Leeds City Athletic Club): U15G_1500m
George Seymour (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U13B_100m, U13B_LJ, U13B_HJ
Ben Shackleton (Wakefield District H & AC): U13B_800m
Amanda Shaw (Wakefield District H & AC): SW_100m, SW_200m
Ben Shields (Rotherham Harriers and AC): SM_100m, SM_200m
Jacey Shillito (Wombwell Sporting AC): U15G_200m, U15G_300m, U15G_75mH
Annabelle Sibley (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U13G_800m
James Simms (Wakefield District H & AC): U17M_100mH, U17M_TJ, U17M_PV, U17M_HJ
Tilly Simms (Wakefield District H & AC): U13G_LJ, U13G_SP
Emily Simpson (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U20W_1500m
Ruby Simpson (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_800m, U15G_1500m
Reuben Singh (Leeds City Athletic Club): U20M_100m
Charlotte Slack (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): SW_400m, SW_800m
Ben Smith (Wakefield District H & AC): U15B_100m, U15B_200m
Evie Smith (Allerton Junior Athletics Club): U13G_80m
Helen Smith (Ribble Valley Harriers): SW_5000m
Joseph Smith (Rothwell Harriers & AC): U20M_400m
Sam Smith (Wharfedale Harriers): U17M_3000m
Abigail Sorrell (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U17W_TJ, U17W_JT
Rhea Southcott (Leeds City Athletic Club): U20W_100mH, U20W_HJ, U20W_JT, U20W_SP
Josh Spencer (Bingley Harriers & AC): U20M_1500m
Bryn Squires (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U17M_1500m
Charlotte Stamp (City Of York Ac): SW_200m, SW_400m
Abbey Stanley (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): SW_200m, SW_400m
Ellie Stephenson (Barnsley Athletic Club): U15G_100m, U15G_200m
Bailey Stirzaker (Bingley Harriers & AC): U15B_300m, U15B_SP
Kerry Storrar (Barnsley Athletic Club): SW_5000m
Lana Stroud (Barnsley Athletic Club): U15G_3000m
Ruby Styler (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_800m
Jack Sunderland (Holmfirth Harriers AC): U13B_100m, U13B_LJ
Kai Sunman (Holmfirth Harriers AC): SM_1500m
George Sutcliffe (Leeds City Athletic Club): U17M_1500mSC
Ruby Sykes (Holmfirth Harriers Ac): SW_800m, SW_1500m
James Tate (Skyrac Athletic Club): SM_DT, SM_HT
Beth Taylor (Rotherham Harriers and AC): SW_400m
George Taylor (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U13B_800m
James Taylor (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): SM_DT, SM_SP
Kirbi Taylor (Doncaster Athletic Club): U20W_100mH, U20W_300mH
Elizabeth Teece (Pontefract AC): U13G_HJ
Aran Thomas (Wakefield District H & AC): U20M_LJ, U20M_PV, U20M_DT, U20M_JT, U20M_SP
Grace Louise Thomas (Doncaster Athletic Club): U17W_HJ, U17W_SP
Alexander Thompson (Bingley Harriers & AC): U17M_800m, U17M_1500m
Jess Thompson (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U15G_JT
William Thompson (Bingley Harriers & AC): U20M_1500m, U20M_3000m
Lydia Throssell (Holmfirth Harriers AC): U17W_100m, U17W_200m, U17W_300m
Madison Toddington (Pontefract AC): U13G_SP
Therese Tolan (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U15G_300m, U15G_75mH
Yusuf Tomy (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15B_300m
Amelia Topliss (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U15G_800m, U15G_3000m, U15G_JT
Efa Townend (Rothwell Harriers & AC): U15G_1500m, U15G_3000m
Laura Trask (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U20W_3000m
Euan Tryner (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15B_3000m
Freya Tryner (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U13G_LJ, U13G_HJ
Jed Turner (Sheffield Rc): SM_800m, SM_1500m
Yvonne Twelvetree (Totley AC): SW_5000m
Zara Tyas (Holmfirth Harriers AC): U17W_HJ
Alice Tyrer (Skyrac Athletic Club): U13G_SP
Lucy Tyrer (Skyrac Athletic Club): U15G_100m, U15G_LJ
Chinonso Ufondu (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U13B_100m
Lahana Vardy (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U17W_200m, U17W_300m, U17W_TJ
Joel Vernon (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17M_100m, U17M_200m
Philippa Viyazhante (Barnsley Athletic Club): U17W_100m
Ted Wade (2 Dash): U13B_100m, U13B_SP
Molly Waite (Pontefract AC): U13G_SP
Drew Walford (Bingley Harriers & AC): U17M_100m
Ellie Walker (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): SW_HJ
Holly Walker (Wakefield District H & AC): U15G_3000m
Kaya Walker (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U20M_HJ
Shay Walker (Worksop Harriers): SM_200m
Adam Walker-Khan (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): SM_200m
George Wallace (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U13B_800m
Jasmine Walmsley (Barnsley Athletic Club): U17W_100m
Lincoln Walsh (City of York AC): U13B_SP
Marci Walsh (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U15G_1500m
Mischa Walsh (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U13G_800m
Tierney Walsh (City Of York Ac): U15G_800m
Charlotte Ward (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): SW_5000m
Olivia Ward (Barnsley Athletic Club): U13G_LJ
Matthew Wardell (Wakefield District H & AC): U15B_1500m, U15B_3000m
Molly Waring (Spenborough & Dist AC): U20W_400m, U20W_300mH
Joe Warren (Doncaster Athletic Club): U17M_1500mSC
Jasmine Waters (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U20W_PV
Jessica Watson (Wakefield District H & AC): U13G_800m
Paige Watson (Wakefield District H & AC): U15G_300m, U15G_800m
Isabel White (Longwood Harriers AC): U15G_200m, U15G_300m
Jack White (Longwood Harriers AC): U17M_800m
Tom White (Longwood Harriers AC): U13B_800m
Dan Whitelock (City of York AC): U17M_100m, U17M_JT
Ben Whittaker (City of York AC): U20M_100m, U20M_200m
Shen Wigfield-Turner (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_800m
Oscar Wileman (Allerton Junior Athletics Club): U13B_HJ
Laura Wilkinson (Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club): SW_1500m
Rebecca Wilkinson (City Of York Ac): SW_400m
Sheridan Wilks (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): SM_100m
Morgan Williams (Leeds City Athletic Club): U17M_100mH, U17M_HJ
Terrell Williams (Wakefield District H & AC): U17M_100m
Fran Wilson (City of York AC): U17W_DT
Harley Wilson (City of York AC): U15B_DT, U15B_JT
Tegan Wilson (City of York AC): U20W_DT
Jack Winter (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U13B_800m
Eliza Withers (Richmond & Zetland Harriers): U20W_100mH
Connor Wood (Sale Harriers Manchester): SM_100m, SM_200m
Emma Wood (Leeds City Athletic Club): U17W_80mH, U17W_LJ, U17W_HJ
Jack Wood (Ilkley Harriers Ac): SM_5000m
Oliver Wood (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15B_100m, U15B_200m
Niamh Woodhouse (Halifax Harriers & AC): U15G_75mH, U15G_DT, U15G_HT
Niamh Woodhouse (Halifax Harriers & AC): U15G_75mH, U15G_DT, U15G_HT
Alexander William Wootton (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U20M_400m
Ella Wright (City of York AC): U13G_SP, U13G_80m
Millie Wright (Barnsley Athletic Club): U17W_200m, U17W_300m
Oliver Wright (City of York AC): U20M_JT
Eve Wrigley-Jones (Longwood Harriers AC): U17W_200m, U17W_LJ
Sophia Yates (Pontefract AC): U15G_100m, U15G_LJ
Georgia Yearby (Leeds City Athletic Club): SW_400m
Thomas Young (Bingley Harriers & AC): U20M_JT
Sarah Zintchem (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U20W_100m, U20W_200m