Top: Entries for Brewer Memorial Games

This entry list includes only those entrants who have entered using SportSoft online entry system.
It may take up to 24 hours for new entrants to appear.

65 online entries for this event
Lyn Ahmet (Radley Athletic Club): SW_LJ, SW_TJ
Fiona Barkley (Yate & District AC): U17W_100m, U17W_HJ
Neve Berry (Cheltenham and County Harriers): U20W_DT, U20W_HT
Ryan Berry (Cheltenham and County Harriers): U17M_400m, U17M_TJ
Callum Brassington-Meehan (Worcester AC): U17M_100m, U17M_200m
Billy Buxton (Cheltenham and County Harriers): U15B_LJ, U15B_HJ, U15B_DT
Ben Campion (Gloucester AC): U17M_DT, U17M_SP
Christen Campion (Gloucester AC): U15G_75mH, U15G_HT, U15G_SP
Jack Choules (Swindon Harriers): U15B_800m, U15B_LJ, U15B_SP
Leshawn Clifford (Birchfield Harriers): U15G_100m, U15G_LJ, U15G_HJ
Caroline Cotterell (Cheltenham and County Harriers): SW_800m, SW_1500m, SW_3000m
Beth Davidse (Swindon Harriers): U15G_300m, U15G_800m
Kiya Dee (Highworth RC): U15G_1500m
Taya Dee (Highworth RC): U17W_1500m
Molly Dibden (Cheltenham and County Harriers): U15G_1500m, U15G_LJ, U15G_HT
Poppy Elton (Worcester AC): U15G_800m
Charlotte Gravelsons (Stratford Upon Avon AC): U17W_300mH
Harry Gravelsons (Stratford Upon Avon AC): U17M_1500m, U17M_HJ, U17M_JT
Samuel Hall (Solihull & Small Heath Athletic Club): U20M_200m, U20M_400m
Alex Harman (Worcester AC): U17M_LJ
Evie Hawkesford-Johnson (Worcester AC): U15G_200m, U15G_1500m, U15G_LJ
Scarlett Herold (Abingdon AC): U20W_100m, U20W_200m
Laurie Higgins (Worcester AC): U20M_800m
Liam Hillier (Yate & District AC): U17M_200m, U17M_PV
Nick Holliday (Cheltenham and County Harriers): SM_800m, SM_1500m, SM_3000m
Ethan Hood (Gloucester AC): U15B_300m, U15B_800m
Amber Hopkins (Worcester AC): U17W_LJ, U17W_JT
Danielle Hopkins (Worcester AC): U20W_LJ, U20W_JT
Ellen Horder (Cheltenham and County Harriers): SW_100mH, SW_300mH
Freya Howell (Cheltenham and County Harriers): U15G_800m, U15G_LJ, U15G_JT
Kati Hulme (Shrewsbury AC): U20W_400mH
Laura Hulme (Shrewsbury AC): U15G_200m, U15G_LJ
Hannah Hunt (Cheltenham and County Harriers): U17W_100m
Philip Hunt (Cheltenham and County Harriers): U15B_100m, U15B_200m
David Jones (Stratford Upon Avon Ac): SM_800m, SM_3000m
Karen Jones (Yate & District Ac): SW_HT
Tegid Jones (Witney Road Runners): SM_3000m
Chloe Lennon (Yate & District AC): U15G_LJ, U15G_DT
Tye Leo-Stroud (Swindon Harriers): U15B_100m, U15B_200m
Hannah Lewington (Swindon Harriers): U15G_300m, U15G_800m, U15G_JT
Euco Lima (Bristol and West AC): SM_100m
Kelly-marie Marsh (Swindon Harriers): U15G_300m, U15G_800m
Lauren McKenzie (Team Bath Athletic Club): U17W_100m, U17W_200m
Sulaiman Ouiles (Gloucester AC): U15B_HJ, U15B_PV
George Palmer (Cheltenham and County Harriers): U17M_JT
Ethan Robinson (Gloucester AC): U15B_300m, U15B_800m
Dan Schofield (Cheltenham and County Harriers): SM_400m, SM_1500m
Marina Semple (Radley Athletic Club): U17W_200m, U17W_LJ
Lily Sherwood (Witney Road Runners): U15G_100m, U15G_800m, U15G_LJ
Amelia Skittrall (Swindon Harriers): U20W_400m
Catherine Smith (Cheltenham and County Harriers): U15G_100m, U15G_200m, U15G_LJ
Robert Smith (Cheltenham and County Harriers): U17M_PV
Emily Spencer (Cheltenham and County Harriers): U17W_100m, U17W_200m
Lucy Spencer (Swindon Harriers): U17W_800m
Oliver Spencer (Cheltenham and County Harriers): U15B_100m, U15B_200m, U15B_LJ
Theo Spurrell (Yate & District AC): U15B_JT
Abi Timmington (Worcester AC): U17W_80mH, U17W_LJ
Erin Troop (Solihull & Small Heath Athletic Club): U15G_LJ, U15G_HJ
Ella Tsangari (Yate & District AC): U15G_LJ, U15G_DT, U15G_800m
Bexley Turbard (Cheltenham and County Harriers): U15B_1500m, U15B_PV
Joseph Turner (Cheltenham and County Harriers): SM_1500m, SM_3000m
Thomas Webster (Cheltenham and County Harriers): U15B_100m, U15B_LJ
Paula Williams (Stratford Upon Avon Ac): SW_JT, SW_SP
Kaili Woodward (Stratford Upon Avon AC): U20W_LJ