Top: Entries for The 12th Joe Moran Memorial Veteran Track & Field Meeting

This entry list includes only those entrants who have entered using SportSoft online entry system.
It may take up to 24 hours for new entrants to appear.

47 online entries for this event
Julia Anderson (Salford Metropolitan AC): SW_100m, SW_200m, SW_LJ, SW_HJ
John Archer (Winston Runners): SM_800m, SM_1500m, SM_3000m
Caroline Baba (Manchester Harriers & AC): SW_100m, SW_200m, SW_LJ
Paul Bagan (Warrington A C): SM_800m, SM_1500m, SM_3000m
Leona Beaumont (Chorlton Runners): SW_400m, SW_3000m
Jason Brogan (Manchester Harriers & AC): SM_400m, SM_3000m, SM_SP
Kerrie Buckley (Trafford Athletic Club): SW_JT, SW_SP
John Carroll (Manchester Harriers & AC): SM_100m, SM_200m, SM_LJ, SM_HJ, SM_JT, SM_SP, SM_400m
Jason Catterall (Durham City Harriers & AC): SM_400m, SM_800m
Joanne Chamun (Warrington A C): SW_JT, SW_SP
Jon Clarke (West Cheshire Athletic Club): SM_100m, SM_200m, SM_LJ, SM_HJ, SM_JT, SM_SP
Simon Clarke (Chorlton Runners): SM_800m, SM_1500m
Frank Cordingley (Sale Harriers Manchester): SM_800m, SM_3000m
Lindsey Farrelly (Manchester Harriers & AC): SW_400m, SW_1500m, SW_JT
Ed Fazakerley (Manchester Harriers & AC): SM_800m, SM_1500m
Claire Forshaw (West Cheshire Athletic Club): SW_100m, SW_200m
Neil Fowler (Crewe and Nantwich AC): SM_400m, SM_800m
Ian Fraser (East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside AC): SM_800m, SM_1500m, SM_3000m
Natasha Geere (Spenborough & Dist Ac): SW_1500m, SW_3000m
Tim Greenald (East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside AC): SM_400m, SM_3000m
Richard Harrison (Selby Striders): SM_800m, SM_1500m, SM_3000m
Peter Jones (Cybi Striders): SM_800m
Simon Lake (Royton Road Runners): SM_3000m
Karen Marsh (St Helens Sutton AC): SW_100m, SW_200m
Lee McCourt (Unattached): SM_1500m, SM_3000m
Brett McMahon (Salford Metropolitan AC): SM_100m, SM_200m
Fahmi Mohammed (Blackley North Manchester AC): SM_3000m
Peter Mountain (Bristol and West AC): SM_800m, SM_1500m, SM_3000m
Dave Murray (Chorlton Runners): SM_100m, SM_800m, SM_LJ
Simon Matthew Oak (Rotherham Harriers and AC): SM_400m, SM_800m
Andy Porter (Bramhall Runners): SM_800m, SM_1500m
Ian Roberts (St Helens Sutton AC): SM_1500m
Darren Russell (Trafford Athletic Club): SM_400m, SM_800m, SM_1500m
Anita Saunders (Pendle Athletic Club): SW_100m, SW_200m, SW_400m, SW_LJ, SW_SP
Orys Seniuk (Salford Harriers & AC): SM_100m, SM_400m, SM_1500m
Jean Skitt (Manchester Harriers & AC): SW_JT, SW_SP
Mitch Taylor (Midland Masters AC): SM_JT, SM_SP
Steven Taylor (Trafford Athletic Club): SM_1500m
Daniel Upton (Richmond & Zetland Harriers): SM_100m, SM_LJ, SM_HJ, SM_JT, SM_SP
Mick Wall (Steel City Striders Rc): SM_100m, SM_200m
Dan Yarwood (Fetch Everyone): SM_3000m
Gary Young (Warrington Running Club): SM_100m, SM_200m