Top: Entries for Macclesfield Harriers & AC Open Under 11

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18 online entries for this event
Spencer Astbury (Warrington A C): U11B_600m, U11B_75m
Olive Cooke (Unattached): U11G_75m, U11G_600m, U11G_LJ
Ceyhan Diken (Macclesfield Harriers & AC): U11B_75m, U11B_150m, U11B_LJ
Thomas Dilworth (Macclesfield Harriers & AC): U11B_75m, U11B_LJ, U11B_Howler
Margot Gorce (High Peak Athletic Club): U11G_75m, U11G_600m
Rogan Hall (High Peak Athletic Club): U11B_600m
Toby Hulme (Macclesfield Harriers & AC): U11B_600m, U11B_LJ, U11B_Howler
Elizabeth Grace Jackson (Macclesfield Harriers & AC): U11G_75m, U11G_150m
Corinna Knuckey (Macclesfield Harriers & AC): U11G_75m, U11G_150m, U11G_LJ
Lily-beth Layland (Macclesfield Harriers & AC): U11G_600m, U11G_LJ
Maggie McLean (Halton & Frodsham Harriers): U11G_75m, U11G_600m, U11G_LJ
Liam O'Brien (Sale Harriers Manchester): U11B_150m, U11B_600m
Sophie Palmer (Macclesfield Harriers & AC): U11G_75m, U11G_150m, U11G_LJ
Nancy Pilkington (High Peak Athletic Club): U11G_75m, U11G_600m, U11G_LJ
Jamie Seager (Macclesfield Harriers & AC): U11B_75m, U11B_600m
Stanley Slater (Macclesfield Harriers & AC): U11B_150m, U11B_600m, U11B_LJ