Top: Entries for Doncaster AC Spring Open Meeting

This entry list includes only those entrants who have entered using SportSoft online entry system.
It may take up to 24 hours for new entrants to appear.

155 online entries for this event
Daisy Beardsley (Leeds City Athletic Club): U11G_75m, U11G_200m
Isobel Bower (Doncaster Athletic Club): U11G_75m, U11G_200m
Ameera-leigh Kelly (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U11G_75m, U11G_200m
Amelia Blakeley (Stockport Harriers & AC): U13G_100m, U13G_800m, U13G_LJ
Ellie Hinton (Otley AC): U13G_200m, U13G_800m, U13G_LJ
Nancy Marshall (City of York AC): U13G_100m, U13G_200m, U13G_LJ
Eve Robinson (Wakefield District H & AC): U13G_100m, U13G_200m, U13G_LJ
Tilly Simms (Wakefield District H & AC): U15G_PV
Emma Barker (Barton & District AC): U13G_100m, U13G_200m, U13G_HJ
Erin Barwell (Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club): U13G_200m, U13G_LJ, U15G_PV
Orla Betts (Leeds City Athletic Club): U13G_200m, U13G_LJ, U13G_HJ
Alice Bower (Doncaster Athletic Club): U13G_100m, U13G_200m
Emily Crowe (Barnsley Athletic Club): U13G_100m, U13G_200m
Stevie Eayres (Barton & District AC): U13G_100m, U13G_200m, U13G_LJ
Libby Hammond (Darlington H & AC): U13G_800m
Tabitha Haynes (Louth AC): U13G_100m, U13G_200m, U13G_LJ
Evie Kendrick (Louth AC): U13G_100m, U13G_200m, U13G_LJ
Faye Marshall (Retford AC): U13G_100m, U13G_200m
Savana Smith (Charnwood A C): U13G_800m
Angelique Grace Abberley (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U15G_200m
Angel Adiele (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_200m
Amelia Ashmore (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_800m
Isabelle Burlington (Mansfield Harriers): U15G_100m, U15G_200m
Ellie Cartledge (Scunthorpe & District AC): U15G_200m, U15G_800m, U15G_LJ
Rebecca Evans (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U15G_800m
Maisy Heggie (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U15G_800m
Frances Hogg (City of York AC): U15G_400m, U15G_LJ, U15G_HJ
Lilly Hughes (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_200m, U15G_LJ
Beth Makepeace (Retford AC): U15G_100m, U15G_200m
Beth Moodie (Kingston upon Hull AC): U15G_LJ, U15G_HJ, U15G_JT
Charlotte Rawstron (Skyrac Athletic Club): U15G_1500m
Pauline Reimmer (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_200m
Ruby Styler (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_800m
Daphney Adebayo (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U15G_200m, U15G_LJ
Amy Allcard (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_800m
Isabel Causer (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_1500m
Megan Davis (Rushcliffe AC): U15G_LJ, U15G_JT
Charlotte Ducksbury (Retford AC): U15G_100m, U15G_200m, U15G_LJ
Scarlet Gledden (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_800m
Leah Goddard (Retford AC): U15G_100m, U15G_200m
Leah Gregory (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_800m
Laini Hickman (Retford AC): U15G_HT, U15G_100m, U15G_LJ
Amy Hunt (Wakefield District H & Ac): U15G_LJ, U15G_PV
Erin Hunt (Wakefield District H & Ac): U15G_PV
Chloe Kaye (Wakefield District H & AC): U15G_200m, U15G_LJ, U15G_HJ
Sophie Marshall (Retford AC): U15G_200m, U15G_SP, U15G_100m
Hannah Noble (Retford AC): U15G_400m, U15G_800m
Polly Woodhouse (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U15G_200m, U15G_LJ, U15G_HJ
Katie Adams (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_400m, U17W_800m
Alex Arbon (Amber Valley and Erewash Athletic Club): U17W_JT
Erica Davison (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U17W_HJ, U17W_JT, U17W_SP
Holly Fowler (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_100m, U17W_200m, U17W_LJ
Emily Hunter (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_200m, U17W_800m
Eden Lockett (Scunthorpe & District Ac): U17W_HT
Eleanor Milbourn (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_200m
Rachel Nimoh (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_200m, U17W_LJ
Tabitha Nundu (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_LJ
Amy Whyte (Leeds City Athletic Club): U17W_100m, U17W_200m
Katie Whyte (Leeds City Athletic Club): U17W_100m, U17W_200m
Millie Wright (Barnsley Athletic Club): U17W_200m
Olivia Ainley (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U17W_DT, U17W_HT, U17W_JT
Holly Booker (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_800m
Jodie Hill (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_1500m
Autumn Joseph (Harrogate Harriers & AC): U17W_HJ
Jessica Lake (Mansfield Harriers): U17W_100m, U17W_200m
Nicole Mafirakureva (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_100m, U17W_LJ
Tamara Miller (Wakefield District H & AC): U17W_100m, U17W_200m
Savannah Storey (Worksop Harriers): U17W_LJ
Emma Ball (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U20W_Mile
Louise Cocking (Chesterfield & District AC): U20W_800m
Millie Kappen (Rushcliffe AC): U20W_LJ, U20W_SP
Charlotte Mills (Doncaster Athletic Club): U20W_LJ
Isabella Or Kam Fat (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U20W_100m, U20W_200m
Molly Louise Platts (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U20W_Mile
Keiva Rennocks (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U20W_Mile
Gabrielle Dyson (Wakefield District H & AC): U20W_PV
Emily May Holden (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U20W_800m
Charlotte Kerr (Rotherham Harriers And Ac): U20W_100m, U20W_LJ, U20W_HJ
Rebecca Wardle (Chesterfield & District Ac): U20W_JT
Tia Forde (Crawley AC): SW_400m
Shannon Bennett (Retford AC): SW_1500m
Megan Ashelby (Stockport Harriers & AC): SW_200m
Lorna Gill (Halifax Harriers & AC): SW_100m, SW_200m
Holly Martin (Spenborough & Dist AC): SW_200m
Louise Royston (Halifax Harriers & AC): SW_100m, SW_400m
Racheal Larkin (Wakefield District H & AC): SW_100m, SW_200m, SW_400m
Donna Aplin (Mansfield Harriers): SW_100m, SW_200m
Amanda Shaw (Wakefield District H & AC): SW_100m, SW_200m
Shaz Wood F35 (Doncaster Athletic Club): SW_Mile
Rose James F40 (Doncaster Athletic Club): SW_Mile
Hayley Fox F45 (Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club): SW_PV
Rhys Aplin (Mansfield Harriers): U11B_75m
Alexander Clarke (Cleethorpes and District AC): U13B_100m, U13B_200m, U13B_LJ
George Connelly (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U13B_100m, U13B_LJ
Elliot Crawshaw (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U13B_100m, U13B_LJ
Edward Ducksbury (Retford AC): U13B_100m, U13B_200m, U13B_LJ
Jake Parker (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U13B_800m
William Platts (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U13B_800m
Elliot Reed (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U13B_800m, U13B_LJ
Alfie Taylor-Haigh (Hailsham Harriers): U13B_800m
Thomas Gleave (Retford AC): U13B_100m, U13B_200m, U13B_LJ
Camaron Henry (Leeds City Athletic Club): U13B_100m, U13B_200m
Syd Marshall (City of York AC): U13B_100m, U13B_200m, U13B_LJ
Regan Mawson (Barnsley Athletic Club): U13B_100m, U13B_200m
William Rusling (Kingston upon Hull AC): U13B_100m, U13B_LJ
Ted Wade (2 Dash): U13B_100m, U13B_200m, U13B_LJ
George Wallace (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U13B_100m, U13B_800m, U13B_LJ
James Gold (City of York AC): U15B_800m
Joseph Harris (Grantham AC): U15B_JT
Noah Milbourn (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15B_1500m
Luke Parker (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U15B_800m
Harry Barker (Barton & District AC): U15B_800m, U15B_LJ, U15B_JT
Tom Bentley (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U15B_200m, U15B_LJ, U15B_HJ
Alexander Bostwick (Wakefield District H & AC): U15B_200m, U15B_PV, U15B_SP
Jason Green (Retford AC): U15B_100m, U15B_200m, U15B_LJ
Yusuf Tomy (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15B_100m, U15B_200m
Dominic Brennan (Barnsley Athletic Club): U17M_100m, U17M_200m, U17M_DT
David Chapman (City of Sheffield and Dearne AC): U17M_200m
Harry Cocking (Chesterfield & District AC): U17M_800m
Henry Cullen (Doncaster Athletic Club): U17M_Mile
Luca Davis (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17M_200m, U17M_400m
Nathaniel Dyas (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17M_100m, U17M_400m
Adam Fox (Kingston upon Hull AC): U17M_800m
Joel Moverley (Leeds City Athletic Club): U17M_100m, U17M_LJ
Thomas Smales (Kingston upon Hull AC): U17M_1500m
Dan Bradbury (Barnsley Athletic Club): U17M_JT
George Lowrie (Wakefield District H & Ac): U17M_800m, U17M_LJ
Antony Mould (Kingston upon Hull AC): U17M_DT, U17M_HT
James Simms (Wakefield District H & AC): U17M_LJ, U17M_PV
Anton Bachorski (Tonbridge AC): U20M_100m, U20M_200m
Luke Sayer (Newark Ac): U20M_200m, U20M_1500m, U20M_LJ, U20M_JT
Christopher Gillott (Barnsley Athletic Club): SM_800m
Will Schofield (Sale Harriers Manchester): SM_DT, SM_HT
Jonathon Beharrell (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): SM_Mile
Daniel Nixon (Middlesbrough Athletic Club (mandale)): SM_HT
Oscar Bryce (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): SM_HT
Jonathan Fields (Rotherham Harriers and AC): SM_200m, SM_100m
Jason Hoyle (Oldham & Royton H & Ac): SM_200m
Adam Murray (Wakefield District H & AC): SM_100m, SM_200m
Taavo Leon (Leeds City Athletic Club): SM_100m, SM_200m
James Murray Osborne (Doncaster Athletic Club): SM_Mile
Martin James M40 (Doncaster Athletic Club): SM_400m, SM_Mile
Daniel Upton M40 (Richmond & Zetland Harriers): SM_DT, SM_HT, SM_SP
Peter Badger M40 (Doncaster Athletic Club): SM_400m, SM_Mile
Paul North M45 (Midland Masters AC): SM_100m, SM_200m
Darren Otter M45 (Doncaster Athletic Club): SM_HJ
Greg Pell M45 (Scunthorpe & District AC): SM_DT, SM_HT, SM_JT, SM_SP
Adrian White M45 (Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club): SM_PV
Mark Goldie M50 (Halifax Harriers & AC): SM_400m
Anthony Burniston M50 (Doncaster Athletic Club): SM_100m, SM_200m
Timothy Atkin M55 (Northern Masters AC): SM_DT, SM_SP
Kevin Waugh M55 (Doncaster Athletic Club): SM_Mile
Steve Atkin M55 (Northern Masters AC): SM_DT
Ian Cooley M60 (Rotherham Harriers and AC): SM_HT