Top: Entries for Masters Indoor Grand Prix Sheffield 2019

This entry list includes only those entrants who have entered using SportSoft online entry system.
It may take up to 24 hours for new entrants to appear.

123 online entries for this event
Mia Hoejbjerg (Rushcliffe AC): SW_800m
Amy Gellion (Rotherham Harriers And Ac): SW_400m
Shawnie Etchells (Blaydon Harriers & AC): SW_60mH, SW_LJ, SW_HJ, SW_SP
Rebecca Hall (Nene Valley Harriers): SW_SP
Stefanie Pullinger F35 (Bracknell AC): SW_60m
Kerrie Buckley F35 (Trafford Athletic Club): SW_SP
Ainslea Cross F35 (Charnwood A C): SW_60m
Hayley Richardson F35 (Middlesbrough & Cleveland Harriers): SW_60m, SW_200m
Naana Adusei F35 (Leeds City Athletic Club): SW_60m, SW_200m
Claire Smith F40 (Nene Valley Harriers): SW_200m, SW_400m
Tracey Milward F40 (Northern Masters AC): SW_60m, SW_200m
Yvette Clayton F45 (Corby AC): SW_60m, SW_200m, SW_400m
Hayley Fox F45 (Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club): SW_PV
Giare Skervin F45 (Notts AC): SW_60m, SW_200m
Majella Loftus F45 (Achilles Club): SW_60m, SW_200m
Anita Saunders F45 (Pendle Athletic Club): SW_60m, SW_200m
Deborah Ricci F45 (Bromsgrove and Redditch): SW_60m, SW_200m
Jacqui Hodgson F50 (Durham City Harriers & Ac): SW_200m, SW_400m
Sharon Waller F50 (Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club): SW_60m
Debra Casson F50 (Longwood Harriers AC): SW_60m, SW_200m
Sue Paterson F50 (Corby AC): SW_60m, SW_200m, SW_SP
Kate Scott F50 (Steel City Striders RC): SW_800m
Wendy Laing F55 (Leigh Harriers & AC): SW_LJ, SW_HJ, SW_SP, SW_200m
Julie Wilson F55 (Reading AC): SW_SP
Gaye Clarke F55 (Ryston Runners): SW_60m, SW_200m, SW_60mH
Angela Kelly F55 (Giffnock North AAC): SW_60m, SW_200m
Clare St John-Coleman F55 (Chelmsford Ac): SW_60m, SW_LJ
Denise Timmis F55 (Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club): SW_LJ
Lesley Bowley F55 (Burton AC): SW_SP
Paula Booth F60 (Oldham & Royton H & AC): SW_60m, SW_SP
Hilary West F60 (Macclesfield Harriers & AC): SW_200m, SW_800m
Joan Trimble F60 (Kingston AC And Poly Harriers): SW_60m, SW_200m
Alison Bourgeois F65 (Eastern Masters AC): SW_800m, SW_1500m
Yvonne Twelvetree F65 (Totley AC): SW_1500m
Rhys Hall (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): SM_LJ, SM_SP
James Greenhalgh (West Norfolk AC): SM_400mH
Harold Sewell (Reading AC): SM_400m
Lewis Penna-Kincell (RAF Athletics): SM_400m
Marc Scott (Rushcliffe AC): SM_800m, SM_400mH
Adam Blackburn M35 (Leeds City Athletic Club): SM_60m, SM_200m
Phill Tyas M35 (Barnsley Harriers): SM_800m
Colin Welsh M35 (Teviotdale Harriers): SM_800m, SM_1500m
Peter Watkeys M35 (Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC): SM_800m
Simon Bennett M35 (Hartlepool Burn Road Harriers): SM_3000m
Marvin Edwards M35 (Northern Masters AC): SM_60m
Keith Hutchinson M35 (Hartlepool Burn Road Harriers): SM_800m
Peter Hall M35 (Notts Ac): SM_60m, SM_200m
Matt Moon M35 (Black Pear Joggers): SM_800m
David Brown M40 (Nene Valley Harriers): SM_200m, SM_800m
Andrew Parker M40 (West Cheshire Athletic Club): SM_200m, SM_400m
Simon Reid M40 (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): SM_3000m
Lawrence Baird M40 (Kingston upon Hull AC): SM_400m
Steven Gascoyne M40 (Chesterfield & District AC): SM_200m, SM_400m, SM_1500m
Gavin Stephens M40 (Worthing & District Harriers): SM_200m, SM_400m
Jonathan Baker M40 (Chesterfield & District AC): SM_HJ, SM_SP
Adam Bellis M40 (Trafford Athletic Club): SM_200m, SM_400m
Dominic Bradley M40 (Crewe and Nantwich AC): SM_60m, SM_200m
Paul Harmer M40 (Charnwood A C): SM_800m
Robert North M40 (Midland Masters AC): SM_LJ
Tamunonengiye O Ossai M40 (Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers): SM_60m, SM_200m
Daniel Upton M40 (Richmond & Zetland Harriers): SM_SP
Simon Downs M40 (Kingston upon Hull AC): SM_60mH, SM_400mH, SM_HJ
Andrew Halliday M45 (Harrogate Harriers & AC): SM_200m, SM_400m
Ciaran Harvey M45 (Lewes AC): SM_60m, SM_200m
Paul North M45 (Midland Masters AC): SM_60m, SM_200m
Mike Coogan M45 (East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside AC): SM_60m, SM_200m
Greg Pell M45 (Scunthorpe & District AC): SM_SP
Dean Richardson M45 (City Of Stoke Ac): SM_800m, SM_1500m
Richard Holt M45 (Blackheath and Bromley Harriers Athletic Club): SM_400mH
Julian Ions M45 (North East Veterans AC): SM_60m, SM_200m
Matthew Long M45 (South Derbyshire Road Runners): SM_1500m, SM_3000m
Laurence Ramm M45 (Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club): SM_60mH, SM_LJ, SM_HJ, SM_SP
Mick Wall M45 (Steel City Striders Rc): SM_60m, SM_200m, SM_LJ
Dave Shortridge M45 (Victoria Park Harriers and Tower Hamlets AC): SM_400mH
Stephen Terry-Short M45 (Cannock & Stafford Ac): SM_60m, SM_200m
Darren Scott M45 (St Helens Sutton AC): SM_60m, SM_200m
Julian Smith M45 (Nene Valley Harriers): SM_400m
Graham Moffatt M50 (Rushcliffe Ac): SM_400mH, SM_800m
John Twiddle M50 (Kingston upon Hull AC): SM_SP
Mark Goldie M50 (Halifax Harriers & AC): SM_400m, SM_800m
Leeroy Golding M50 (Pendle Athletic Club): SM_200m, SM_400m
Conrad Kennedy M50 (Durham City Harriers & AC): SM_60m, SM_200m
David Blackman M50 (Southampton Athletic Club): SM_400m, SM_800m
Eli Barnett M50 (Telford AC): SM_60m
Antony Leigh M50 (Crewe and Nantwich AC): SM_60m, SM_200m
John Nicholls M50 (Sale Harriers Manchester): SM_SP
Anthony Burniston M50 (Doncaster Athletic Club): SM_60m, SM_200m
Terry MacKlin M50 (Liverpool Harriers & AC): SM_200m, SM_400m
Timothy Atkin M55 (Northern Masters AC): SM_HJ, SM_SP
Patrick Crossan M55 (St Annes AC): SM_400m
Steve Linsell M55 (Leeds City Athletic Club): SM_HJ
Geoff Lowry M55 (Amber Valley And Erewash Athletic Club): SM_800m, SM_1500m
Dalton Powell M55 (Notts AC): SM_60m, SM_200m
Anthony Roper M55 (Bristol and West AC): SM_3000m
Steve Atkin M55 (Northern Masters AC): SM_HJ, SM_SP
Andy Gannaway M55 (Winchester & District AC): SM_800m
James Gillespie M55 (Eastern Veterans AC): SM_SP
Russell Parkin M55 (Derby Athletic Club): SM_800m, SM_1500m
Jon Tilt M55 (Southampton Athletic Club): SM_400m, SM_400mH
Guy Bracken M55 (North Shields Polytechnic Club): SM_1500m
Chris Ireland M55 (Sheffield RC): SM_1500m
Pat Logan M55 (Kingston AC And Poly Harriers): SM_60m
Kevin Pye M55 (Notts AC): SM_400m, SM_800m, SM_1500m
Jed Turner M55 (Sheffield Rc): SM_800m, SM_1500m
Dougie Donald M55 (Midland Masters Ac): SM_60m, SM_200m
Carl Marchant M60 (Hartlepool Burn Road Harriers): SM_800m
Peter Hickey M60 (Leigh Harriers & AC): SM_200m
Henry Hopkins M60 (Worcester AC): SM_60m, SM_200m, SM_400m, SM_LJ
Peter Mountain M60 (Bristol and West AC): SM_800m, SM_1500m
Ian Scholes M60 (Trafford Athletic Club): SM_60m, SM_60mH, SM_PV
John Birkett M60 (None): SM_SP
Jon Clarke M60 (West Cheshire Athletic Club): SM_60m
Ivars Licietis M60 (Charnwood A C): SM_200m, SM_400m
Paul Askew M60 (Charnwood A C): SM_HJ
Geoff Beattie M65 (Sale Harriers Manchester): SM_800m, SM_1500m
Tony Wells M70 (Corby AC): SM_60m, SM_200m, SM_60mH
Brian Bowley M70 (Burton AC): SM_SP
Mick Casey M70 (Barnsley Athletic Club): SM_800m, SM_3000m
David Shelton M70 (Longwood Harriers AC): SM_60m, SM_200m
James Sloan M75 (Annan & District AC): SM_SP
4 Postal entries for this event
Rick Beardsell (Trafford Athletic Club): SM_60m, SM_200m, SM_400m
Louise Rudd (Stockport Harriers & AC): SM_3000m
Louise Rudd (Stockport Harriers & AC): SW_200m
Michelle Thomas (Birchfield Harriers): SW_60m, SW_200m