Top: Entries for Cheshire County Cross Country Championships 2019 - Senior Men

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18 online team entries for this event.
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Chester Triathlon ClubChester Triathlon Club
15 athletes, 1 team

Ian Ainscough, Adrian Bellwood, Steve Collyer, Simon Ellis, Ian Fitzpatrick, Simon Greenwood, Paul Hancock, Andrew Howarth, Neil Jenkins, John Robb, Sean Simmons, Laurence Slann, Michael Waring, Nigel Waterhouse, Iain Wood.
1 team15 athletes
Congleton HarriersCongleton Harriers
7 athletes, 1 team

Anthony  Allan, Nick Budd, Paul Crean, Bryan Lomas, Chris Moss, Stuart  Rider, Jack Sargeant.
1 team7 athletes
Ellesmere Port RCEllesmere Port RC
3 athletes, 1 team

Colin Berry, Brad Critchley, Tom Sirett.
1 team3 athletes
Halton & Frodsham HarriersHalton & Frodsham Harriers
3 athletes, 1 team

Chris Ashbrook, Christopher Larkin, Matthew Larkin.
1 team3 athletes
Helsby Running ClubHelsby Running Club
13 athletes, 1 team

Tom De Jong, David Feakes, Neil Finegan, Chris Fitzpatrick, Paul Frodsham, James Higgins, Jake Holmes, Robert Hough, Christopher Murray, Tim Palmer, Stephen Riley, Ian Rutherford, Kevin Smith.
1 team13 athletes
Knutsford Tri ClubKnutsford Tri Club
1 athletes, 1 team

Edward Taylor.
1 team1 athletes
Lymm RunnersLymm Runners
12 athletes, 1 team

Peter Burton, Jim Dawson, Colin Gill, Richard Jones, Peter Lloyd, Peter Murphy, Jack Pilkington, Phil Rowen, Steve Sherwen, Jonathon Smith, Michael Smith , Mike Womack.
1 team12 athletes
Northwich Running ClubNorthwich Running Club
4 athletes, 1 team

Leslie Johnson, Kevin Main, Rob McBain, Lucas Pilkington.
1 team4 athletes
Pensby RunnersPensby Runners
3 athletes, 1 team

Paul Alexander, Rob Grantham, Nigel Pratten.
1 team3 athletes
Sale Harriers ManchesterSale Harriers Manchester
8 athletes, 1 team

Mike Ashby, Matthew Barnes, Nathan Cameron, Tom Fordyce, George Frost, Nigel Martin, Paul Rowley, James Wignall.
1 team8 athletes
South Cheshire HarriersSouth Cheshire Harriers
13 athletes, 1 team

Nigel Baskerville, Alex Cann, Steven  Crowe, Nicholas Hackett, Toby Hart, David  Kivlin, David Nimmo, John Putt, Dennis Robinson, Bradley Smith, Matthew Smith, Les Tams, Matthew Taylor.
1 team13 athletes
Spectrum StridersSpectrum Striders
8 athletes, 1 team

Jimmy  Connolly, Andrew Dawson, Graham Driver, Andy Garnett, Dave Higgins, Robert Hough, Daniel Peers, Karl Steinegger.
1 team8 athletes
Tattenhall RunnersTattenhall Runners
11 athletes, 1 team

Rob Arden, Roger Carter, Craig Connor, Martin Durrant, Charles Eldred, Nick Holmes, James Jenkin, Paul Shannon, Andrew Sudlow, Iain Wedge, Brent Wilson.
1 team11 athletes
Warrington A CWarrington A C
1 athletes, 1 team

David Norman.
1 team1 athletes
Warrington Road RunnersWarrington Road Runners
6 athletes, 1 team

Stephen Bowden, Andy Gibbons, Kevin Gillibrand, Colin Kennedy, Paul  Ravenscroft, Xavier Soler.
1 team6 athletes
Warrington Running ClubWarrington Running Club
1 athletes, 1 team

Edwin Drost.
1 team1 athletes
West Cheshire Athletic ClubWest Cheshire Athletic Club
13 athletes, 1 team

Dave Alexander, Andrew Carter, Andrew Clague, Mark Davies, Richard Hayes, Neil Hershaw, Phil Howe, Jon Moorhouse, John Parlevliet, Peter Smith, Julian Tegg, Barry Thomas, Philip Woodley.
1 team13 athletes
Wilmslow Running ClubWilmslow Running Club
10 athletes, 1 team

Daniel Bundred, Jonathan Cheshire, Richard Coen, Robin Hall, Allan McCormick, Tom McGaff, Trevor Morris, Damian Nicholls, Peter Speake, Andrew Whittingham.
1 team10 athletes
42 online individual entries for this event
Individual entries will be included in their club's team.
Steven Barton (Sandbach Striders), 
Barry Blyth (Macclesfield Harriers & AC), 
Richard Brown (Macclesfield Harriers & AC), 
Stephen Burthem (Warrington A C), 
Daniel Cliffe (Liverpool Harriers & Ac), 
Joe De Sousa (Macclesfield Harriers & AC), 
Calum Duck (Widnes Running Club), 
Ewan Edmondson (Macclesfield Harriers & AC), 
Neil Fowler (), 
Daniel Fox (Warrington A C), 
Francis Gilchrist (Sandbach Striders), 
David Gill (Warrington A C), 
Chris Goodfellow (Macclesfield Harriers & AC), 
Tom Greaves (Warrington A C), 
Robert Hasler (Macclesfield Harriers & Ac), 
Billy Hicks (Macclesfield Harriers & AC), 
Mick Hutchins (Sandbach Striders), 
Matt Jackson (Liverpool Harriers & AC), 
David Larkin (Macclesfield Harriers & AC), 
Tim Marsh (Macclesfield Harriers & AC), 
Tom Mayell (Sandbach Striders), 
John P Morris (Sandbach Striders), 
Daniel Newman (Warrington A C), 
Simon O'Meara (Trafford Athletic Club), 
Billy Parkinson (), 
Neil Pettie (Macclesfield Harriers & AC), 
Peter Pickwell (Altrincham & District Athletic Club Limited), 
Ben Ratcliffe (Keele University Athletics & Cross Country), 
Daniel Derek Schofield (Warrington Running Club), 
Tony Taylor (Sandbach Striders), 
Andy Thomas (Sandbach Striders), 
Barrie Thomason (Macclesfield Harriers & AC), 
Darren Varley (Sandbach Striders), 
Marcus Walker (Manchester Harriers & AC), 
Mark Walker (Macclesfield Harriers & AC), 
Stephen Watmough (Warrington A C), 
Mark Wheelton (Macclesfield Harriers & AC), 
Brian Whitlock (Macclesfield Harriers & AC), 
Shaun Wilde (Macclesfield Harriers & AC), 
Scott Wilson (Macclesfield Harriers & Ac), 
Alex Wright (Macclesfield Harriers & AC).
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Total teams: 18
Total athletes: 174