Top: Entries for Sheffield Run Jump Throw Meeting 3

This entry list includes only those entrants who have entered using SportSoft online entry system.
It may take up to 24 hours for new entrants to appear.

43 online entries for this event
Steve Atkin (Northern Masters AC): SM_DT, SM_SP
Erin Barwell (Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club): U13G_PV
India Barwell (Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club): U15G_PV, U15G_800m
Ben Burton (Rotherham Harriers and AC): SM_100m, SM_DT
Ben Clarke (Worcester AC): SM_400m, SM_DT
George Colton (Worksop Harriers): U13B_100m, U13B_LJ
Ian Cooley (Rotherham Harriers and AC): SM_HT
Megan Davis (Rushcliffe AC): U15G_100m, U15G_LJ
Christopher Duncan (Worksop Harriers): SM_3000m, SM_DT
Arabella Findlay (Rushcliffe AC): U15G_TJ
Callum Findlay (Rushcliffe AC): U15B_TJ
William Foot (Chesterfield & District AC): U15B_PV
Hayley Fox (Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club): SW_PV
Lois Green (Chesterfield & District AC): U17W_PV
James Greenhalgh (West Norfolk AC): SM_400mH
Lily Gregory (Charnwood A C): U17W_800m
Grace James (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U13G_PV
Joshua James (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U15B_PV
Sofie Kent (Aldershot Farnham & District): SW_800m
Nathan Langley (Doncaster Athletic Club): U20M_200m, U20M_DT, U20M_SP
Regan Langley (Doncaster Athletic Club): U17M_DT, U17M_SP
Steve Linsell (Leeds City Athletic Club): SM_DT, SM_HT
Hayley Mills (Notts AC): SW_PV
Hannah Moody (Chesterfield & District AC): U15G_200m, U15G_PV
Sam Oliver (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15B_PV
Sophie Oliver (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U17W_LJ, U17W_PV, U17W_HT
Jacob Peers-Wain (Chesterfield & District AC): SM_DT, SM_HT
George Perkins (Rotherham Harriers and AC): SM_HT
Polly Platts (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_800m
William Platts (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U11B_800m
Leah Proctor (Chesterfield & District AC): U17W_100m, U17W_PV
Millie Quinn (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15G_100m, U15G_200m, U15G_LJ
Elliot Reed (City Of Sheffield And Dearne Ac): U11B_800m, U11B_LJ
Madison Rowe (Rotherham Harriers and AC): U15G_DT, U15G_HT, U15G_SP
Ella Rush (Amber Valley And Erewash Athletic Club): U15G_LJ
Ellen Sagar-Hesketh (Blackburn Harriers & AC): SW_800m
Dylan Stevens (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield): U15B_3000m
Savannah Storey (Worksop Harriers): U17W_LJ, U17W_TJ
Alice Tolley (High Peak Athletic Club): U13G_800m
Daniel Upton (Trafford Athletic Club): SM_DT, SM_HT, SM_SP
Rebecca Wardle (Chesterfield & District Ac): U20W_PV
Adrian White (Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club): SM_PV
Charlie Yates (Amber Valley and Erewash Athletic Club): U15G_TJ