Top: Entries for 31st British Masters Road Relays Women over 55

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11 online team entries for this event.
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Burnden Road RunnersBurnden Road Runners
3 athletes, 1 team

Kate Ellis, Anne Ferguson, Gwen Kinloch.
1 team3 athletes
Centurion RCCenturion RC
3 athletes, 1 team

Denise Fitzgerald, Sheena Lewis, Theresa Woolley.
1 team3 athletes
City Of Norwich ACCity Of Norwich AC
5 athletes, 1 team

Jane Clarke, Tracey Curl, Carole Filer, Jenny Mayne, Louise Wilkinson.
1 team5 athletes
Holmfirth Harriers AcHolmfirth Harriers Ac
6 athletes, 1 team

Valerie Battye, Lesley Ewart, Jaqueline France, Jean Shotter, Karen Sinkinson, Ann Smith.
1 team6 athletes
Les CroupiersLes Croupiers
9 athletes, 1 team

Eirian Arwyn, Elizabeth Denton, Julie Lewis, Gillian Murphy, Judi Rhys, Christina Rossiter, Julie Scholey, Veronica Singleton, Andrea Webster.
1 team9 athletes
Mansfield HarriersMansfield Harriers
3 athletes, 1 team

Maddy Collinge, Thomasina Copcutt, Christine Fell.
1 team3 athletes
Ripley Running ClubRipley Running Club
4 athletes, 1 team

Angela Forte, Lorraine Griffiths, Sandra Lineker, Eleanor Robinson.
1 team4 athletes
Rotherham Harriers and ACRotherham Harriers and AC
9 athletes, 1 team

Nancy Banks, Kathryn Brookes, Sharon Burton, Paula Fisher, Brenda King, Janice McWilliam, Gillian Neal, Gillian Taylor, Wendy Whitaker.
1 team9 athletes
Vale Royal AcVale Royal Ac
8 athletes, 1 team

Julie Annable, Ann Collier, Pauline Davies, Valerie Dunn, Joanne Edwards, Mary Tavener, Jacky Thorn, Carole Williams.
1 team8 athletes
Westbury HarriersWestbury Harriers
9 athletes, 1 team

Gill Anagnostakis, Sandra Bailey-Gard, Anneke Bull, Shirley Hume, Sandy Masters, Eithne Noonan, Marilyn Palmer, Kay Ridgwell, Trish Robson.
1 team9 athletes
Wolds Veteran RCWolds Veteran RC
6 athletes, 1 team

Susan Anderson, Barbara Brown, Susan Green, Carol Hall, Lynne Higgins, Jane Morley.
1 team6 athletes
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Total teams: 11
Total athletes: 65