Top: Entries for Gateshead Open Medal Meeting

This entry list includes only those entrants who have entered using SportSoft online entry system.
It may take up to 24 hours for new entrants to appear.

17 online entries for this event
Kelly Bramhald (Loughborough Students AC): SW_JT
Paul Corrigan (Wallsend Harriers & Ac): SM_DT, SM_SP
Megan Costello (Gateshead Harriers & AC): U17W_100m, U17W_200m
Bobbie Griffiths (Morpeth Harriers & Ac): U20W_JT
Nichola Hall (Gateshead Harriers & AC): U15G_SP
Matthew Harrison (Leeds City Athletic Club): SM_400m, SM_110mH
Amy Henderson (Gateshead Harriers & AC): U17W_DT, U17W_JT
Jim Holborn (Gateshead Harriers & AC): SM_DT, SM_SP
Lydia James (Houghton Harriers & Ac): U17W_1500m
Ruaridh Lang (Morpeth Harriers & Ac): U20M_DT
Amy Lott (Morpeth Harriers & Ac): U15G_100m, U15G_75mH
Tom Rutherford (Blaydon Harriers & AC): U17M_1500m
David Shaw (Gateshead Harriers & AC): SM_SP, SM_DT
Emily Stewartt38 (Gateshead Harriers & Ac): U20W_100m, U20W_DT, U20W_SP
Talia Thompson (Alnwick Harriers): U15G_DT, U15G_JT, U15G_SP
Chris Walker (North Shields Polytechnic Club): SM_HT
1 Postal entries for this event
Niamh Brennan (Gateshead Harriers & AC): U17W_DT, U17W_JT