Top: Entries for Indoor Athletics Gateshead College Series - Match 3

This entry list includes only those entrants who have entered using SportSoft online entry system.
It may take up to 24 hours for new entrants to appear.

40 online entries for this event
Thomas Bowdon (Gateshead Harriers & AC): U20M_TJ
Lily Bradley (North Shields Polytechnic Club): U13G_60m
Lourdes Bradley (North Shields Polytechnic Club): SW_60m
Joel Brown-King (Gateshead Harriers & AC): U13B_60m
Megan Costello (Gateshead Harriers & AC): U17W_60m
Fenic Couzens (Chester Le Street & Dist AC): U13B_60m
Ethan Dewan (Gateshead Harriers & AC): U13B_60m
Lexie Ellis (Gateshead Harriers & AC): U13G_SP
Philippa Ellis (Gateshead Harriers & AC): U17W_60m, U17W_SP
Libby Evans (North Shields Polytechnic Club): U15G_60m
Hugo Fletcher (Gateshead Harriers & AC): U15B_60m
Poppy Forster (Hartlepool Youth Athletics Club): U15G_HJ
Olivia Gent (Morpeth Harriers & AC): U13G_60m, U13G_60mH
Lucy Giles (Gateshead Harriers & Ac): U17W_60m, U17W_SP
Leon Hall (Tynedale Harriers & AC): U15B_60m
Jack Halpin (Gateshead Harriers & Ac): U15B_SP
Erin Hay (Blaydon Harriers & Ac): U17W_HJ
Ryan Hodge (Hartlepool Youth Athletics Club): U13B_60m, U13B_SP
Joe Lane (Hartlepool Youth Athletics Club): U13B_60m
Madeleine Liddell (Chester Le Street & Dist Ac): U13G_60m
Mia Liddell (Chester Le Street & Dist AC): U15G_60m, U15G_60mH
Aaron Lillistone (Blaydon Harriers & Ac): U15B_60m, U15B_60mH
Matthew Lumb (Gateshead Harriers & AC): U15B_60m
Bryn Mordey (Tynedale Harriers & Ac): SM_60m
Afoma Ofor (Middlesbrough Athletic Club (Mandale)): U15G_60m
Emily Parrott (Gateshead Harriers & AC): U15G_60m
Lucy Proudlock (Hartlepool Youth Athletics Club): U13G_60m, U13G_60mH, U13G_HJ
Isaiah Robertson (Gateshead Harriers & AC): U13B_60m
Charlotte Rutter (Darlington H & AC): U15G_60m, U15G_60mH, U15G_HJ
Jay Salmons (Hartlepool Youth Athletics Club): U13B_60m
David Shaw (Gateshead Harriers & AC): SM_SP
Ellie Shears (Blaydon Harriers & Ac): U17W_60m
Connor Splevins (North Shields Polytechnic Club): U17M_60m, U17M_60mH
Emily Stewartt38 (Gateshead Harriers & Ac): U20W_60m, U20W_SP
Talia Thompson (Alnwick Harriers): U15G_SP
Darren Towart (Tynedale Harriers & Ac): SM_60m
Daniel Upton (Trafford Athletic Club): SM_SP
Matthew Ward (Hartlepool Youth Athletics Club): U15B_60m, U15B_SP
Ashley Watson (Hartlepool Youth Athletics Club): U15G_60m, U15G_60mH
Sam Yates (Morpeth Harriers & Ac): U17M_60m