Top: Entries for Manchester Indoor Open Meeting 1

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12 online entries for this event
Jodi Bemand (West Cheshire Athletic Club): U15G_300m, U15G_60mH, U15G_60m
Megan Costello (Gateshead Harriers & AC): U17W_60m, U17W_300m
Jack Doodson (Stockport Harriers & AC): U15B_60mH, U15B_LJ, U15B_SP
Anya Dunne (Stockport Harriers & AC): U15G_600m, U15G_60mH, U15G_SP
Maija Dunne (Stockport Harriers & AC): U17W_600m, U17W_60mH, U17W_SP
Matthew Edson (Doncaster Athletic Club): U17M_60m
Michael Farr (St Helens Sutton AC): U17M_60m, U17M_300m
Katelyn Emily Henry (Deeside AAC): U17W_60m, U17W_300m
Abbie Hirst (East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside AC): U15G_300m, U15G_60mH
Stephanie Jones (West Cheshire Athletic Club): U15G_60m, U15G_300m, U15G_LJ
Kieran Lee (City Of Stoke Ac): SM_600m
Anaya McDonald (East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside Ac): U20W_60m