Top: Entries for NECAA Track & Field Championships 2017

This entry list includes only those entrants who have entered using SportSoft online entry system.
It may take up to 24 hours for new entrants to appear.

23 online entries for this event
Daniel Brazukas (Middlesbrough Athletic Club (mandale)): U17M_LJ, U17M_HJ, U17M_JT
Ross Charlton (Morpeth Harriers & Ac): U17M_1500m, U17M_3000m
Paul Corrigan (Wallsend Harriers & Ac): SM_DT, SM_SP
Megan Costello (Gateshead Harriers & AC): U15G_100m, U15G_200m, U15G_LJ
Patrick Donald (Gosforth Harriers & Ac): U17M_3000m
Amy Ellis (Gosforth Harriers & AC): U15G_800m, U15G_1500m
William Fowler (Gateshead Harriers & Ac): U15B_300m, U15B_800m
Lucy Giles (Gateshead Harriers & Ac): U15G_200m, U15G_SP
Ellis Hetherington (Blyth Running Club): SM_800m
Gracie Hufton (Morpeth Harriers & AC): U17W_3000m
Ruaridh Lang (Morpeth Harriers & Ac): U17M_DT
Matthew Lawson (Gateshead Harriers & Ac): U15B_100m, U15B_200m
Archie Marston (Tynedale Harriers & AC): U15B_200m, U15B_800m
Harry Morris (Gateshead Harriers & AC): U15B_1500m, U15B_3000m
James Morris (Gateshead Harriers & Ac): U17M_1500m, U17M_3000m
Willow Morris (Gateshead Harriers & AC): U13G_800m, U13G_1500m
Reece Palmer (t20) (Chester Le Street & Dist AC): SM_100m, SM_200m, SM_400m
Rachel Partington (Chester Le Street & Dist Ac): SW_100m, SW_200m
Nicole Phillips (Houghton Harriers & Ac): U15G_1500m, U15G_3000m
Rohan Teasdale (Billingham Marsh Hse H & AC): U13B_800m