Frequently Asked Questions

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I can not see all the screen
Your display is almost certainly set up for 640x400 resolution.
Membership is designed to work at 800x600 or better.
To change your screen resolution, go to Settings|Control Panel|Display. Open the Settings tab, and move the resolution slider from 640x400 to 800x600, then click on OK.

How do I delete entries
You cannot delete entries.
If you have made an error, select the entry, then click on the 'Edit' button. You may now correct your entry, or completely overwrite it with new data.

My entries have disappeared
You probably did not enter a current 'Subs Paid' date.
A blank here, or a date more than approx 12 months old will cause the member tro become 'Lapsed'. To view lapsed members click on the 'Lapsed' checkbox in selections, or select 'Everyone' under AgeGroups. You may now select the member, click on 'Edit', and add the correct Paid date. This will restore the member to full membership.

How do I import data from my Access/Excel database
This is possible, but care must be taken to get exactly the correct format. Proceed as follows:

1. Run up Membership, and authorise it for your club.
2. Produce a backup file (File|Backup). This file is csv format.
3. Import this file into Excel.
4. Delete the column header 'RegNumber' on line 4.
   You may also delete any other column headings which are completely unused in your Access database,
   with the exception of FirstName, LastName, DateOfBirth and Number
5. From Access, export your data in csv format.
6. Import this into a new Excel Spreadsheet, and modify to agree with the column headings on Line 4 of the backup file.
7. Boolean fields must be Blank, 'True' or 'False'.
8. DateOfBirth must be a valid date for all members - use 1/1/1900 for any which are missing.
9. All lines must include a FirstName and LastName.
10. Field 'Number' should be set up as a series fill, 1 for the first record, 2 for the second etc.
11. All date entries must be valid dates ((or blank, but see 8 above)
12. Entries vith no valid date in 'Election' will be Lapsed members.
13. Save as csv file - check that only completed rows are exported
14. Close Excel.
15. Import the csv file into Membership using File|Import
16.I do provide a service to handle this if required at a cost of 20.00 + vat = 23.50
    --send the csv output from Access/Excel/Works etc, & invoice address details.